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For Student Groups, Academic Departments, Programs, Student Organizations, or other College-Affiliated Groups

What should I know about fundraising at Knox? 

  • Knox College depends upon the ongoing and generous financial support it receives each year from alumni, friends of the College, local businesses, foundations, and other donors.
  • The Office of Advancement coordinates all the fundraising appeals to any College constituents: alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, local businesses, foundations, and corporations.
  • The Office of Advancement also coordinates fundraising for the Knox Fund, which is the revenue needed to meet the College's educational and general expenses every year. The Knox Fund supports every aspect of academic and student life at Knox!
  • We need to make sure that all fundraising efforts complement and not compete with the College's efforts to secure financial support -- this support might be financial aid for our students, salaries for faculty and staff, etc.
  • Students, faculty, staff, or College-affiliated organizations all play an important role in these relationships with our donors. We ask that you work with us to maximize the results for all of us at the College!

My group would like to raise funds. How do we get started?

  • If your fundraising project involves something very simple, like tabling in the gallery for a bake sale, or selling calendars, trinkets, t-shirts, ticketed performances, or personal chore services, (e.g. leaf raking, car washes) stop by the Campus Life Office and talk to Melissa Kratz first. This is known as "inside" fundraising, e.g. to only the Knox community of students, faculty, and staff. 
  •  You should know that because of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, the College cannot issue gift receipts for these transactions.
  • Groups often ask if they can solicit people to donate to a cause and then enter donors into a raffle for a prize. This is not allowed; you may only do a drawing for a prize if there are no conditions to enter the prize drawing in the first place. Check with the Advancement Office before planning such a drawing.
  • If your group wishes to do something more, such as solicit local businesses for in-kind donations, or if you wish to solicit alumni for a project, this is considered "outside" fundraising. You will need to fill out the Fundraising Planning Form. A paper copy is available from Melissa Kratz in the Campus Life Office.  Send the completed form to Jennifer Gallas, associate director of alumni and constituent programs, at Box K-150. Call her at ext. 7957 or e-mail her at if you have questions.
  • Please note that if your project involves sending a letter, e-mail, or newsletter, we MUST have a copy of that publication and it must be reviewed by the Knox Communications department before it is sent out.
  • We ask for at least two to three weeks notice before your project is scheduled to happen. In some cases, more time might be required, especially if it involves sending letters or e-mails to alumni. Following the submission of your form, you will be contacted to come in and discuss your project. Please make sure your form is filled out correctly and completely.
  • Following your discussion with Advancement staff, your proposal will be considered. Advancement may make recommendations regarding its timing, method of solicitation, or other aspect of the proposal.
  • If the request is denied, Advancement will provide an explanation for why the request was turned down. Every effort will be made to respond promptly to inquiries, recognizing that there are times when Advancement may need to obtain approval from other campus representatives.

Are there any times of the year when groups are not allowed to solicit outside organizations or individuals?

  • There are some black-out periods for fundraising. No fundraising appeals from departments, organizations, teams, clubs, fraternities, or sororities may occur during May and June (end of the College's fiscal year). These are the times when the College is fundraising among constituents in support of the Knox Fund and other College priorities. Such a black-out period is typical across most colleges and universities. 
  • If your event is happening during may, be sure to do some advance planning so that you can solicit businesses during the early part of spring term and be ready for your event. If you have questions, contact Jennifer Gallas to talk about your project's timing. 

Other things you need to know:

  • Knox College prohibits the use of College trademarks and College-provided or College-originated contact lists (mailing lists, phone lists, e-mail lists, directories, and the like) for the solicitation of funds to benefit specific individuals, as individuals do not have designated non-profit status.
  • However, fundraising efforts to recognize an individual associated with the College where the resulting funds are used to benefit the College (e.g. classroom to honor a retiring faculty member or a book fund to memorialize a deceased staff member or student) are permitted. All such fundraising efforts fall under this policy and should be coordinated through Advancement.

Fundraising ideas and resources
Need some good ideas for your fundraiser? Here are some Web sites that might help you:

CONTACT: Jennifer Gallas, Associate Director, Alumni and Constituent Programs, Box K-150
Phone: 341-7957 or e-mail Her office is in the Office of Alumni Relations located in Alumni Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 315.  

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