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A student rides her bike across the Knox College campus.

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

For Commuter Students

Ty Kiatathikom

Ty Kiatathikom '21

Commuter Assistant

Ty Kiatathikom is a senior majoring in international relations and minoring in Chinese. He is from Rockford, IL. He is involved with various student groups and organizations, and serves as the diversity chair of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Apart from being a RA, he works as a peer tutor for the Center for Teaching and Learning. He became a RA because he wanted to make sure the students on his campus had access to the resources and support they need in order to lead good, productive, and happy lives.

Post Hall

Post Hall 1-6: first-year students
Post Hall 7-10: sophomore, junior, and senior students

Shamecia Pulleman

Shamecia Pullem '23

Post 1

Shamecia Pullem, also regarded as Meme, is planning to double major in psychology and creative writing. Her hometown is St. Louis, Missouri. She is a member of both Sisters of Excellence and A.B.L.E. She chose to be a RA with a little advise from her TRIO mentoring team. She hopes to woo her residents and the RA team with her weird yet understanding personality.

Makenna Schwab

Makenna Schwab '23

Post 2

I am a rising sophomore with an undetermined major as of right now. I am from Knoxville, IL and have lived in the Galesburg area my whole life. I am also involved with TRIO as well as being a student employee at the C-store. I decided to be an RA because I want to help other students on campus have the best experience at Knox possible and being a RA is one of the best ways to begin. I look forward to being able to eventually return to campus and start a new year helping my residents and learning with my RA team.

Jaelon Brooks

Jaelon Brooks '22

Post 3

Jaelon Brooks is a junior majoring in business management. He is from Chicago, Illinois and involved with the men’s basketball team at Knox College, and A.B.L.E. He decided to be a Resident Assistant to help students get involved on campus and he wanted to get involved on campus as well.

Caitlin Edelmuth

Caitlin Edelmuth '21

Post 4

Caitlin Edelmuth is a biology (pre-veterinary medicine) major with minors in chemistry and environmental studies. She is most recently from Deerfield, IL and will be graduating in spring 2021. She became an RA because she loves seeing others succeed and be the best they can be! She is also a CTL writing tutor, the president of Students For Sustainability, Co-Internal Affairs Director of FRN, Student Senate Sustainability Executive Chair, Biology TA, and an intern at the Animal Medical Center, among other things. She is looking forward to developing an amazing community this year and meeting all of her residents!

Allison LaSalvia

Allison LaSalvia '22

Post 5

Allison LaSalvia is a junior majoring in chemistry and creative writing. She is in Pi Beta Phi, is an active member of Terpsichore Dance Collective. She decided to be an RA because she wanted to help new students form communities at Knox. She is looking forward to meeting new residents and watching them grow.

Abbi Harb

Abbi Harb '23

Post 6

Abbi Harb is a sophomore undecided major from Tempe, Arizona. She is involved in the Newman Club, Knox College Choir and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority as well as volleyball and basketball intramurals and Zumba! She decided to be an RA because her first year RA did so much for her and wants to pay it forward. She is excited to support other students in their home away from home!

Madeline Tucker

Maddie Tucker '22

Post 7, 8, 1-6 Basement

Maddie Tucker is a junior double majoring in psychology and neuroscience, as well as a participant in the Peace Corps Preparatory Program. She is from Coal City, Illinois, and is involved in several organizations within the Knox community. She frequently volunteers with Food Recovery Network and Harbor Lights Hospice in Galesburg. Around campus, she works as a student office assistant in the Stellyes Center for Global Studies, and was elected to the positions of the 2020-2021 special events coordinator for Union Board and the social chair for M.E.Ch.A. Maddie is returning as a RA this year because she enjoys being a helping hand to others and being present for community growth at the ground level. This year, she is most looking forward to building relationships with her residents and with the 2020-2021 RA team!

Siya Kasat

Siya Kasat '23

Post 9, 10, 7-10 Basement

Siya Kasat is a sophomore, hoping to major in economics and international relations. She calls Pune, India her home and is also actively involved in clubs such as aaina and I-club. She decided to become a RA as she feels that RAs play a crucial role in helping fellow peers develop good bonds and and help in making their journeys at Knox memorable. She is looking forward to forming great relationships with everyone during the year!

Seymour Hall

Returning Students

Mujtaba Hassan

Mujtaba Hassan '22

Seymour 2

Mujtaba Hassan is a junior double majoring in computer science and business & management. He is from breathtaking Lahore, Pakistan and is the Diversity Chair for Student Senate this year. Additionally, he is the MSAC Co-Chair, Interfaith Liaison of the Islamic Club, and is also involved in Business Club and Coding Club. On top of all that, he works at the IT Services Helpdesk and as an on and off TA/Tutor for computer science; drop by and say hi, he loves making new friends! He decided to be an RA because he loves helping his peers succeed at whatever they want to do and wants to bring that energy to a wider community. He is looking forward to an amazing year with his residents at Knox!

Janki Bhalodi

Janki Bhalodi '21

Seymour 3

Janki is a senior majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. She is an international student from the city of Rajkot in Gujarat, India. She loves working out, talking about science, being out in nature, and meeting new people. She is super excited to meet her residents and create beautiful memories with them in her final year at Knox!

Campbell Hall, Elder Hall, Furrow West Hall

First-year Students

Libby Winchester

Libby Winchester '21

Campbell/Elder 2 & Basement

Libby Winchester is a senior business and management major from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi, and a colorguard director for a local high school. Libby loves running around campus to all of the different events each day—from UB events to student clubs to sporting events. She decided to be a RA because she loves helping people feel comfortable in new environments and building people up to be their best selves! She is looking forward to meeting new people and making great memories!

Anastatia Dorval

Anastatia Dorval '23

Campbell/Elder 3 & Furrow W2

Anastatia Dorval is a sophomore majoring in computer science and physics. She is from Denver, Colorado. When Anastatia is not doing homework she volunteers for Food Recovery Network, organizes events in Union Board and gives lectures in STEAM Club. She decided to become a RA because she wants to help others become successful and discover the joy of being a Knox Student!

Khadijah Clark

Khadijah Clark '23

Campbell/Elder 4 & Furrow W3

Khadijah Clark is a sophomore majoring in computer science and minoring in Japanese. Chicago, Illinois, is where they call home. They are involved in Anime Club, ABLE, Greek Life, and QTPOC, and their pronouns are she/her/They/Them. They decided to be a RA because they wanted to give back to the Knox community while making loads of friends. They are looking forward to building lifelong connections and creating memories hard to forget.

Sherwin Hall, Neifert Hall, Furrow East Hall

First-year Students

Taylor Skidmore

Taylor Skidmore '23

Sherwin/Neifert 2

Taylor Skidmore is a sophomore student currently undecided, but is planning to major in environmental studies or anthropology and sociology. She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ and will always call the desert her home! She's a member of Honor Board, volunteers with the Kleine Center for Community Service, and likes to play intramural sports. She sees her job as a RA as an opportunity to be involved on campus in a unique way and be a support system for fellow students. She's excited to make new relationships with her residents and make this year a memorable one!

Garrett Trimble

Garrett Trimble '22

Sherwin/Neifert 3 & Furrow E2

Garrett Trimble is a junior majoring in chemistry. He is from Bloomington, Illinois and is a member of the frisbee team as well as a Red Room tutor. He decided to be a RA because he loved the community of his first year suite and wants to help build new communities. He is looking forward to another strong year of cafe food.

Addison Anderson

Addison Anderson '23

Sherwin/Neifert 4 & Furrow E3

Addison Anderson is a sophomore majoring in education and French from Minneapolis, MN. On campus, she is an Intercultural Life Peer Educator and a member of Tri Delta, as well as being involved with Theatre, Terpsichore and many cultural clubs. She chose to be a RA to create strong bonds with her residents and help them have the best Knox experience possible! She can't wait for another year of laughs and good times!

Raub Hall, Sellew Hall

First-year Students

Ikenna Ozor

Ikenna Ozor '21

Raub/Sellew 1 & Basement

Ikenna is a senior majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry from Aurora, Colorado. He's also involved in Harambe and is a McNair scholar. He decided to be a RA because he realized that the transition from high school to college can be difficult and after having an amazing RA his first year, he decided he wanted to carry the torch and make that transition easier for others! He looks forward to bringing his residents along with him and having an unforgettable year during his last dance of being a student at Knox College!

Charles Broomfield

Charles Broomfield '22

Raub/Sellew 2

Charles Broomfield is a junior majoring in computer science and integrative business management who pursues his interests in history, psychology, and religious studies with his remaining courses. From Colorado Springs, Colorado, Charles is also a leader on the Knox Track & Field team and a computer science tutor for Knox's Red Room tutoring service. Charles became a RA because he believed it was the best position from which to positively influence campus culture and become more involved in the well-being of all of Knox's residents. This being his second year as a RA, Charles is looking to continue serving the Knox campus in a variety of roles in order to leave a positive impact on his surroundings.

Jaime Lam

Jaime Lam '21

Raub/Sellew 3

Jaime is a senior double majoring in English and creative writing. She works for Cellar Door and is part of Best Buddies on campus. She is from Plymouth, IL but has bounced around as a transfer student. She loves sushi, memes, and urban fantasy books. Catchphrases are "have you drank any water today?" "Don't forget to breathe," and "Be safe!" She's super excited to meet her residents and help them grow at Knox!

Drew Hall, Simonds Hall, Longden Hall, Griffith Hall

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students

Cianja Bone

Cianja Bone '23

Drew 1-3, Simonds 1-3

Cianja Bone is a sophomore intending to major in English and philosophy. She's from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is involved in the theater program and has done some Terpsichore. Cianja has decided to become a RA because she loves to meet new people and build good communities. She is so excited to get to meet more new people on campus and work with her leadership team!

Max Caplan

Max Caplan '21

Longden 1-3, Griffith 1-3

Max Caplan is a senior (wow that's wired) majoring in history. He is from Chicago, IL and is involved in the Knox Jazz Ensemble as well as Improv Club. He wanted to be a RA to help create the kind of environment his freshman year RA had created for him, and improve his own leadership skills while doing so. He is looking forward to making the most of his senior year and helping his residents do the same.

Apartments & Townhouses

Sophomore, junior, & senior students

Anastasia Ganshina

Anastasia Ganshina '23


Anastasia is a sophomore majoring in computer science and physics. She is an international student from Russia who is a President of the STEAM Club, an Information Technology Assistant and a Science Laboratory Technician Apprentice. She decided to be a RA because she likes meeting new people and helping them grow. She is looking forward to getting to know her residents and creating new memories with them.

Melissa Magana

Melissa Magaña '21

Tompkins, Jazz House

Melissa Magaña is a senior double majoring in biology and Spanish. She is from Aurora, Il. Melissa is the current President of the MEChA organization on campus. She loves to play the flute for the Knox Chamber Winds and in her spare time learn new instruments, currently working on the saxophone. Being a RA for her means being able to help create and nurture the Knox community. She enjoys the endless opportunities she will have to help others prosper! She is also very excited to create memories with her residents and RA team!

Houses, Williston & Hamblin

Sophomore, junior, and senior students

Jonathan Doriscar

Jonathan Doriscar '22

Exec House, Anime House

Jonathan Doriscar is a junior double majoring in psychology & sociology. He is from Miami, FL and is involved in many places on campus: Disability Services as a Disability peer Educator, The CTL as a psychology and writing tutor, The Office of Admissions as a tour guide, and the proud president of the self-proclaimed best club on campus, Anime Club. He decided to become a RA, because he wanted to learn from others both intellectually and culturally. Now going into his second year as an RA he is looking forward to yet another great year at Knox!

Precious Sullivan

Precious Sullivan '22

Cultural Houses: A.B.L.E, Q&A, Harambee, International, Casa Latina, Asian

Precious Sullivan is a junior double majoring in business & management and studio art. She is from Chicago, IL and is also involved in Sisters of Excellence and A.B.L.E. She decided to be a RA because she loves to help others and make people smile. She is looking forward to the memories she will make with her residents and community building programs.

Carly Rieger

Carly Rieger '21

Theme Houses: Smash, Botanical, Cornerstone Cooking, Eco

Carly Rieger is a junior majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry and philosophy. She is involved in Student Senate, Union Board, and Common Ground. She also loves taking care of her houseplants and has an emotional support cat named Jasper. A reason that she became a RA is because she wants to work to create a community among her residents. Next year, she is excited to make new connections and continue to be a resource for other students.

Einar Pieler

Einar Pieler '21

Williston Hall

Einar Pieler is a senior from Crystal Lake, Illinois. As a music and anso double major, he stays involved in many academic and extracurricular activities, such as Red Room tutoring and the Knox College choir. He wanted to be a RA to help other students as a resource and contribute to a welcoming social environment. Einar is excited for the next year and can't wait to make memories with his residents and his RA team!

Hoa Duc

Hoa (Heidi) Duc '22

Williston Hall

Heidi Duc is a junior majoring in economics and political science. She is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is involved in Vietnamese Club, Tri Delta, and a Knox Alumni Ambassador. She decided to be a RA because she loves to build the Knox community to be stronger and she would love to be a resource for all students. She is looking forward to having the best year with her residents and the RA team!

Anelisa Gamiz

Anelisa Gamiz '21

Hamblin Hall

Anelisa Gamiz is a senior majoring in anthropology/sociology and minoring in political science and Spanish. She is from Phoenix, AZ. Anelisa is involved in many things on campus and is currently an Admissions Ambassador, Red Room Tutor, the president of Pre-Law Club, on Honor Board, and a part of Alpha Phi Omega. This will be her third year as a RA and she loves it because of the connections and communities she gets to create and cultivate with her residents.

Bamise Afolabi

Bamise Afolabi '21

Hamblin Hall

Community and relationship building is a key factor in Bamise's college education. This was why he decided to become a RA. He is a senior with a major in biology and a minor in psychology. Some of Bamise's extra curricular activities include Student Senate, Harambee, and MSAC. He is from Ile Ife, Nigeria and he is excited about the relationships and memories he'll make this year. Please say hi to him when you see him on campus, he loves it.

Knox College

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