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A student rides her bike across the Knox College campus.

Resident Assistant Staff


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Post Hall

Post Hall 1-5: first-year students
Post Hall 6-10: sophomore, junior, and senior students

Eleanor Phan

Eleanor Phan '21

Post 1 (LLC: Science Fiction)

Eleanor is a junior majoring in Business and Management. She is an international student from Hanoi, Vietnam, and enjoys sharing her country's culture, tradition and cuisine. She is a member of the Knox College Choir, Student Senate and works as a Circulation Assistant at the Henry - Seymour Library. She looks forward to be a helping hand for her residents as well as the student body and hopes to create strong bonds with her friends and community.

Tina (Seeun) Jeon

Tina (Seeun) Jeon '21

Post 2 (LLC: Science Fiction)

Tina Jeon is a junior majoring Anthropology / Sociology and minoring Educational Studies and Africana Studies. She is from the beautiful city Seoul, South Korea. Tina is involved in Ultimate Frisbee team, Terpsichore Dance Collective, and Knox Alumni Ambassador, and she is a CTL Red Room Tutor and an ITS Lab Assistant as well. Based on her experience as Orientation Leader, she decided to be an RA to have longer and more intimate relationship with students. As an RA, she is excited to be a good resource for students, and hang out with residents in common area or downtown.

Hoa Duc

Hoa (Heidi) Duc '22

Post 3 (LLC: Creating Monsters)

Heidi Duc is a sophomore majoring in Business and Management. She is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is involved in International Club, Alumni Ambassador, and Tri Delta. She decided to be an RA because she loves to meet new people and help them build friendships that last for all of their years at Knox and further. She is looking forward to making amazing memories with all her residents and her friends during the year!

Charles Broomfield

Charles Broomfield '22

Post 4 (LLC: Creating Monsters)

Charles Broomfield is a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Business and Management. He also has a passion for history and an interest in just about anything that can be learned. He is also involved in varsity Track and Field, as well as a smattering of clubs. He joined the RA staff with the goal of leaving a positive impact on the Knox community, and hopes his presence in this role will positively influence those around him to get the best out of Knox. Do not let his size or beard intimidate you. He loves be a resource for others, and see the positive results of his actions.

Allison LaSalvia

Allison LaSalvia '22

Post 5 (LLC: Sexualities)

Allison LaSalvia is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing and Chemistry. She is from Swansea, IL. She is in Pi Beta Phi, is an active member of Terpsichore Dance Collective, and is a colorguard coach for a local high school. She decided to become an RA because she wanted to have a positive impact on students’ first year at Knox. She is most looking forward to meeting all of her residents and helping them have a great first year.

Natalie Juarez

Natalie Juarez '21

Post 6 (LLC: Human Rights)

Natalie Juarez is a junior double majoring in Spanish and Secondary education. She is from Chicago. She is involved in Ultimate Frisbee and M.E.Ch.A. She decided to be an RA to help students transition from high school to college and she is excited to be apart of this growth. She is looking forward to the new memories and the new opportunities of the new school year.

Melissa Magana

Melissa Magaña '21

Post 7, 8, Basement

Melissa Magaña is a junior double majoring in Biology and Spanish. She is from Aurora, Il. Melissa is involved in chamber winds as a flute player and clubs on campus. Being an RA for her means being able to help create and nurture the Knox community. She loves the endless opportunities she will have to help others prosper! She is also very excited to create memories with her residents and RA team!


Q (Dinh Quang Anh Nguyen) '20

Post 9, 10, Basement

Q is a senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Business and Psychology. He is proud of his Vietnamese nationality and he loves his culture. As an RA, he wants to be a good resource to help other students to have the best time they can with their college experience. He is looking forward to building strong relationships with his residents and friends this year.

Seymour Hall

Returning Students

Jonathan Doriscar

Jonathan Doriscar '22

Seymour 2

Jonathan Doriscar is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology with a minor in sociology. He is from Miami,Fl and is involved within many places on campus including; Disability Services as a Disability peer Educator, The CTL as a Writing Tutor, The Office of Admissions as a Tour Guide, an Alumni Ambassador, and the proud president of the Anime Club. He decided to become an RA, because he wanted to learn from others both intellectually and culturally. He is looking forward to yet another great year at Knox!

Anelisa Gamiz

Anelisa Gamiz '21

Seymour 3

Anelisa Gamiz is a junior who is currently undecided for her major. She is from Phoenix, Arizona. She is also a tour guide, student athletic trainer, and works in the Office of Sustainability. Anelisa is excited about being an RA because of the relationships she can make with her residents and to be able to help incoming freshman.

Campbell Hall, Elder Hall, Furrow West Hall

First-year Students

Ikenna Ozor

Ikenna Ozor '21

Campbell-Elder 2 & Basement

Ikenna Ozor is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Biochemistry. He is also the Chair and President of Student Athlete Advisory Committee. He chose to be an RA because he loves meeting new people and helping people be more acclimated to the college experience. He is looking forward to having the best suite on campus and having my residents become leaders on campus.

Dieu Nguyen

Dieu Nguyen

Campbell-Elder 3 & Furrow W2

Ty Kiatathikom

Ty Kiatathikom '21

Campbell-Elder 4 & Furrow West 3

Sherwin Hall, Neifert Hall, Furrow East Hall

First-year Students

Kari Quintana

Kari Quintana '22

Sherwin-Neifert 2

Kari Quintana is a sophomore from Chicago, IL and is currently undecided, but that will change! She is leaning towards psychology. She is involved in M.E.Ch.A and Lo Nuestro. Kari wanted to become an RA because she loved her first year on campus, even if it was messy and challenging sometimes. She loves helping others and listening more than she speaks. She is very excited to meet her residents and create a home away from home for those who need it.

Caitlin Edelmuth

Caitlin Edelmuth '21

Sherwin-Neifert 3 & Furrow East 2

Caitlin Edelmuth is a Biology (pre-veterinary medicine) major with an art history minor. She is most recently from Deerfield, IL and will be graduating in Spring 2021. She became an RA because she loves seeing others succeed and be the best they can be! She is also a CTL writing tutor and TA, an ITS lab assistant, the Share Shop Coordinator with Students For Sustainability, and an intern at the Animal Medical Center, among other things. She is looking forward to forging an amazing community this year!

Precious Sullivan

Precious Sullivan '22

Sherwin-Neifert 4 & Furrow East 3

Precious Sullivan is a sophomore majoring in Biology. She is from Chicago,IL and spends her free time painting or making music. She decided to be an RA because she loves to create a loving environment and help others reach their goals. She is looking forward to bringing positive energy to the suite and living with her residents!

Raub Hall, Sellew Hall

First-year Students

Garrett Trimble

Garrett Trimble '22

Raub-Sellew 1 & Basement

Garrett Trimble is a sophomore majoring in chemistry. He is from Decatur, IL and is also involved in Frisbee. He decided to be an RA because he loves the school and wants other people to have a good experience at Knox. He is looking forward to having fun with his residents and the RA team.

Joel Willison

Joel Willison '20

Raub-Sellew 2

Joel Willison is a senior majoring in Theatre, with a double minor in Journalism and Creative Writing. He was born in Evanston, IL but has spent most of his life living overseas (primarily Kampala, Uganda). Joel is involved in Theatre, M.S.A.C, Ultimate Frisbee, and Playwright's workshop on campus. Joel decided to be an R.A. because he loves meeting new people and creating a friendly environment on campus!

Kyran Blissett

Kyran Blissett '21

Raub-Sellew 3

Kyran is a junior Computer Science and Asian Studies double major. He is from Galesburg, IL and is involved with the Knox College Fencing Club as well as the the fraternity Sigma Nu. He decided to become an RA to take on more responsibility at Knox and give back to the school. As well as an interest in helping new students at Knox feel at home.

Drew Hall, Simonds Hall, Longden Hall, Griffith Hall

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students

Jaelon Brooks

Jaelon Brooks '22

Drew1-3, Simonds 1-3

Jaelon Brooks is a sophomore majoring in Business. Jaelon is also apart of the men’s basketball team at Knox College. He wanted to be an R.A. to be a resource to his residents and he is also very sociable. He also likes to have his own space. He is looking forward to the adventures he and his residents will encounter and have throughout the school year.

Madeline Tucker

Maddie Tucker '22

Longden 1-3, Griffith 1-3

Madeline (Maddie) Tucker is a sophomore planning to double major in biochemistry and psychology. She is from Coal City, Illinois, and is involved in numerous clubs and organizations around campus, such as S4S, Pre-Health Club, Book Club, and M.E.Ch.A. She decided to become an RA because she wants to be a friendly face for all on campus that is always able to offer a helping hand. This year, she is looking forward to forming new relationships with both her residents and the RA team!

Conger Hall, Neal Hall

First-year Students

Ravie Boungou

Ravie Boungou '21

Conger-Neal 1

Ravie Boungou is a junior majoring in Education with a minor in Dance. She was born in Congo, Brazzaville and lives in Peoria, IL. She is President of Harambee and a member of IVCF, A.B.L.E., and Lo Nuestro. She wants to be an RA who can utilize her interpersonal skills and ability to create accordance amongst others to enhance their experience at Knox and help them find their full potential. She is looking forward to creating bonds, friendships, and incredible memories with all of her residents and fellow RA's.

Libby Winchester

Libby Winchester '21

Conger-Neal 2

Libby Winchester is a junior majoring in Business and Management. She is from Nashville, Tennessee and is involved with the Terpsichore Dance Collective. She decided to be an RA because she loves making people feel comfortable in new environments and find their true selves! She is looking forward to meeting new people and making great memories!

Taylor Skidmore

Taylor Skidmore '23

Conger-Neal 3

My name is Taylor Skidmore and I am currently a first-year student. I am planning to major in environmental studies with a possible minor in anthropology and sociology. I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and will always call the desert my home. I volunteer on campus and enjoy playing intramural sports with my friends. I am an extremely outgoing, unique individual who always likes to foster positive and meaningful relationships with people I come across. As an RA, I am able to make deeper connections with students different than myself, which is something I am passionate about, and create a comfortable space for others to express themselves freely.

Apartments & Townhouses

Sophomore, junior, & senior students

Liam Wholihan

Liam Wholihan '20


Liam, from Silver Spring, Maryland, is a senior at Knox, completing his two majors in Creative Writing and Psychology. At Knox, he’s fallen into some lovely company, including but not limited to Knox’s Jazz Combos, Cellar Door, Knox Improv, informal & formal writing workshops, and the position of RA. As an RA, he’s ready to hit the ground running, and take whatever this year has to offer with his fellow RA’s and residents at Knox.

Irein Thomas

Irein Thomas '20


Irein Thomas is a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in religious studies and neuroscience. She lives in the world's largest village, a suburb of Chicago called Skokie. At Knox, she is involved in APO, IVCF, and Psi Chi. She is a third-year RA because she likes connecting with people. She is looking forward to creating a new community her senior year!

Cassie Stear

Cassie Stear '20


Cassie Stear is a senior majoring in psychology. She is from Roscoe, IL, and she decided to be an RA because she believes it's meaningful work that betters the lives of other students. Outside of working on the RA staff, Cassie participates actively in her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and has served in several positions on the executive board. She likes to spend her free time taking her dog, Sarge, for walks around campus. She's looking forward to bonding with the new RA team this year!

Zulqarnain Zafar

Zulqarnain Zafar '20


Zulqarnain Zafar is a passionate, persistent and ambitious guy with a love of food from Pakistan, who is a senior majoring in Economics, along with a minor in Business. He wants to make a difference for the people around him and that is what intrigued him to be an RA, and to be involved in organizations like Best Buddies and TKE.

Tehreem Anwar

Tehreem Anwar '21


Tehreem Anwar is junior majoring in Computer Science and Business Management. She is from Lahore, Pakistan. She became an RA to pass on the kindness she received from everyone during her freshmen year and being an RA is a great way to expand your social circle. She is looking forward to meeting all her residents and navigating her college life with them.

Houses & Williston

Sophomore, junior, and senior students

Bishakha Upadhyaya

Bishakha Upadhyaya '21

ABLE, Q&A House, Harambee, International House, Casa Latina, Asian Cultural House

Bishakha is a junior majoring in Computer Science. She is from Hetauda, Nepal. She is involved in Women in CS Club, Coding Club, ASA and aaina on campus. She had a great first year experience because of all the student leaders so she wants to help make the freshman experience great too. She is really excited about meeting all the new students and her residents and having a fun time altogether.

Leslie Macias

Leslie Macias '20

Jazz House, Peterson House, Eco House, 516 S. West St.

Leslie Macias is a senior double-majoring in Anthropology-Sociology and Political Science. Born and raised in Chicago, IL. She is president of MEChA de Knox and is involved in Islamic club, the Center for Intercultural Life, and pre-law club! She has been an RA for three years now because she loves being able to help others feel at home at Knox. She is looking forward to making new friends and having more experiences as an RA.

Bamise Afolabi

Bamise Afolabi '21


Bamise is from Nigeria. He is a junior who is a pre-med student with a double major in Biology and Psychology. He is involved in campus activities like the student senate, Alumni Ambassadors among others. Bamise is looking forward to being an RA because of the opportunity this avenue will afford him to impact his residents and contribute to their Knox experience in his own little way. He is always available and eager to meet people and help them in every possible way he can. Make it a habit to say hi to him when you see him on campus; he loves it.

Janki Bhalodi

Janki Bhalodi '21


Janki Bhalodi is a junior double majoring in Biology and Biochemistry. She is from the city of Rajkot in Gujarat, India and is trilingual. On campus, she is involved in Kappa Kappa Gamma, Best Buddies, and Blessings in a Backpack. She was inspired to be an RA by her first-year RA and is really excited to help provide her residents a place like home on campus!

Knox College

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