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First year students are not eligible to join our fraternities and sororities until they have been a full-time student at Knox College for at least one full academic term. New transfer students are eligible to participate in recruitment. This allows students plenty of time to get to know the campus and focus on academics.  For this reason, our formal recruitment happens in the winter term.

Formal Recruitment


The Knox College Panhellenic Council (CPH) hosts formal recruitment early in the winter term. Prior to formal recruitment, we invite you to attend our formal recruitment information meetings, which will be advertised during the fall and winter terms. Primary recruitment will open at the end of fall term or the beginning of winter term, so be on the look out for more information!  Use the following link to register at that time: primary recruitment registration form.

Sorority recruitment is value-based and doesn’t require participants to do anything but be themselves while visiting houses and interacting with current members, and respecting each other’s space, time, and commitments to the community.

It is recommended to participants who are interested in recruitment and who aren’t familiar with our sororities yet (or never participated before) to register for formal recruitment instead of participating in informal recruitment.  Formal recruitment allows you to get a better understanding of the Panhellenic community, each organization, membership contingencies, and have more time with active members from each chapter.

For more information about the policies and rules for sorority recruitment, check out the recruitment rules and detailed information about our chapters and recruitment!  The Panhellenic Council uses the partially-structured method of recruitment, meaning it has a more flexible schedule to better fit the interested students' needs and time constraints!  


The Knox College Interfraternity Council (IFC) will host formal recruitment early in the winter term. During this week, each of our chapters will host events in hopes of getting to know you better.  You will decide which chapters you prefer to join at the end of the week, and then find out if that chapter(s) also want you to join them!

Informal Recruitment

Fraternities and sororities will host informal recruitment events throughout the fall and spring terms. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about the chapters.

Potential and New Member Forms

If you are extended a bid to join a fraternity or sorority, please complete the Grade Point Average Release Authorization Form and either the Continuous Open Bidding Membership Acceptance Binding Agreement Form (for potential new members in informal sorority recruitment) or the IFC Preference Card Form (for potential new members in formal fraternity recruitment).

Interested in Fraternity and Sorority Life?

Click here to submit an interest form to learn more about fraternities and sororities at Knox College.

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Printed on Wednesday, December 8, 2021