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International House, ABLE House, Asian Cultural, and Casa Latina

Knox College is home to five cultural center houses: International House, ABLE House, Casa Latina, Asian Cultural Center, and the Human Rights Center. Four of these centers serve as residential areas in addition to providing resources and support. The fifth -- the Human Rights Center -- serves as a gathering space for many of Knox's diverse clubs and organizations and includes a large kitchen and numerous comfortable gathering spaces.

International House
The International House is a coeducational, intercultural residence center for both international and domestic students to foster a sense of exploration and celebration of cultural traditions. The International House encourages understanding and mutual respect among students from diverse cultural backgrounds through the experience of living together. The house is open to all students, and also provides the campus community with programs and events. As a residence celebrating cultural diversity, the International House may be home to a wide variety of students. Close to the hub of campus, the International House encourages students to explore other cultures and offers an opportunity for students to live in an international and multicultural atmosphere.

Selection: Application review is conducted by International Student Services, in consultation with the Housing Director to determine house occupants.

Students chosen to live in the International House must be committed to the ongoing programming goals of the house and demonstrate this in the selection process.

The House: Located across the street from the Umbeck Science and Math Center, the International House has quick access to academic buildings and parking space. Laundry services are available as well as two complete kitchens.

Please contact the Rebecca Eckart for information about International House.

ABLE House
The ABLE Center for Black Culture promotes cultural, economic, and social awareness of the Afro-centric, African, and African American community. Students living in the ABLE House act as house monitors and assist with programming throughout the year. ABLE House includes an Afro-centric library and collection of artifacts from a multitude of points in the African world. Aside from being the primary space used for ABLE organization events, the ABLE House is open to the entire Knox community.

Selection: ABLE houses 6 students. Application review is conducted by the Housing Director to determine house occupants.

The House: ABLE is located on Tompkins Street, near the Townhouses.  Students live upstairs from the main living and programming area on the first floor. The house has two bathrooms and a full kitchen.

Please contact Becky Canfield for information about ABLE.

Casa Latina Cultural Center
Casa Latina is a cultural center dedicated to promoting Latin American life and culture. It is an open, inviting place for anyone interested in learning through shared experiences. Those living in Casa Latina work to foster greater communication and understanding of the Hispanic/Latino culture and world. Students living in Casa Latina participate in a group house project each term.

Selection: Application review is conducted by the Housing Director to determine house occupants.

The House: Located near the edge of campus, next to the soccer field, Casa Latina has everything a student needs. A complete kitchen, numerous comfortable common living spaces and ample storage space give Casa Latina all the basics of a home, allowing students the opportunity to live together and work for common goals.

Please contact Becky Canfield for information about Casa Latina.

Asian Cultural Center
Asian Culture Center promotes cultural awareness and understanding of all peoples claiming Asian heritage, international and domestic, from the Middle to the Far East and everything in between. We attempt to increase social and educational interactions with the wider college and town communities, and function as a forum and haven for discussing and enjoying Asian cultures for students and peoples of all backgrounds. Asian Cultural Center includes all other Asian culture clubs on campus under its umbrella and is utilized by the Chinese Club, Japanese Club, Korean Club, and Aaina for events.

Selection: Application review is conducted by the Housing Director to determine house occupants.

The House: Located on West Street across from Conger/Neal Hall. It has bedrooms upstairs and a complete kitchen and common living space downstairs.

Please contact Becky Canfield for information about Asian Cultural Center. 

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