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Planning an Event

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Students are free to plan social activities and functions as long as they conform to College policies and faculty regulations regarding student conduct.

Some things to think about when planning an event are speaker or performer availability, fees, room availability, the master calendar, travel costs, equipment needed, food, decorations, publicity, your budget, and co-sponsorship.

For assistance with contract negotiations, room set-up, equipment requests, promotion, check requisitions and purchase orders contact the Campus Life Office in Seymour Union. For assistance with food service contact Knox Dining Services at extension 7243.

Scheduling Events and Reserving Facilities
Campus facilities may be reserved for meetings and events. Classrooms may be reserved for use after classes end Monday through Friday. Clubs, faculty, and staff may schedule activities and reserve facilities for events after 4:00 p.m. through the Campus Life Office. Clubs and organizations can reserve a table for the Gallery to distribute information or to sell items for fund-raising purposes through the Campus Life Office. Tables, chairs and other special set-up needs must be ordered through Facility Services at least 24 hours prior to event.

Conflicts in scheduling and use of facilities can be avoided by checking with the Campus Life Office. All activities, including public events, should be checked against and listed on this calendar. When making your initial plans for an event, call Campus Life in advance to see whether the room you want is available. Activities must be scheduled so as not to interrupt the regular and essential operations of the College. The Office of Student Development staff reserves the right to reschedule events to prevent unreasonable conflicts, particularly when College-wide events occur. Please notify the Campus Life office immediately if you must change any details or cancel your event.

Students should also check with the Center for Community Service to ensure their event does not conflict with any scheduled large-scale volunteer activities such as the Special Olympics or Big Brothers Big Sisters events, as these activities often utilize a large number of student volunteers.

Reserving Equipment
Student clubs and organizations must request AV equipment from Union Board. A UB trained technician will be scheduled to operate the systems and appropriate fees may be charged. A minimum of two weeks notice is recommended to ensure availability, and one week notice is required. Requests made following this deadline will not be filled. If Union Board equipment is unavailable, organizations will be informed to contact AV. Student organizations may not contact AV for equipment without approval from the Student Activities Coordinator. Contacting Union Board and the AV Services office as soon as an event is planned will minimize conflicts with regularly scheduled academic use of AV equipment and AV-equipped rooms on campus. As the AV services office works primarily with academic needs, student clubs and organizations may not utilize their services without prior approval.

Publicizing Events
Organizations and offices are able to publicize upcoming events through the online Events Calendar. Clicking on the "Submit an Event" link allows organizations to fill in all the details of their event, including a brief description, for college-wide viewing. To inform the College community about a speaker, performer, or event, you can also send a brief program description to the Knoxletter, which can be viewed at

For events open to the public, the Office of Communications may, with sufficient notice, help prepare press releases and posters for local distribution.

Bulletin Boards
Bulletin boards throughout the campus are intended for official College information and for noncommercial, responsible use by faculty, staff, and students. General use bulletin boards are available in Seymour Union for your organization's posters and fliers. Most bulletin boards in Seymour have been assigned to various clubs and organizations. Clubs and organizations are responsible for maintaining their bulletin boards.

The following statement concerning student bulletin boards was passed by Student Senate on October 31, 1996:
The boards delegated to student groups in Seymour Union are the responsibility of the student groups they have been delegated to, and they have the right to control what appears on their boards. Removing, altering, or editing board content is considered a violation of the group's rights, whether this is done by members of the Knox community or visitors. Barring material that violates College policy, the College will enforce the rights of student groups to freely express themselves on their boards.

In all cases, the College will inform student group leadership of questionable board content prior to editing student boards. Student organizations who do not regularly update their board may have their bulletin board reassigned if other student groups have requested space. Organization leadership will be notified prior to spaces being reassigned.

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