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Planning a Social Event

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Students are free to plan social events as long as they conform to College policies and to faculty regulations regarding student conduct. The Student Life Committee oversees social events sponsored by student organizations according to Faculty Regulations. Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, officers of residential units, and officers of other student organizations are responsible to the Student Life Committee for the social conduct at all events they sponsor (Faculty Regulations). Any individual or organization who violates the College rules of conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action.

All social events must conform to the following regulations:

  • The Faculty/Staff Advisor of the group hosting the event and the Campus Life staff will be advised in advance of the event.
  • Date of the event is to be registered.
  • Starting and ending times are to be registered. All social events scheduled for Friday or Saturday nights are to end no later than 2 am. (Approved by the Student Life Committee, September 9, 1992).
  • Registration, when required, is to be filed no later than the Tuesday preceding the event.
  • Compliance with the conditions of registration is required, whenever registration is required.
  • A social event that requires registration must have that registration approved by the Division of Student Development. The Division of Student Development shall approve or reject the registration based on considerations such as the adequacy of the registration information provided, the location, previous experiences with the social event sponsors and sponsoring organization, conflicts with other important college events and dates, etc.
  • A Social Event Registration Form (available in the Campus Life office) must be approved prior to publicizing the event or issuing invitations.
  • Campus-wide social events that are open to all students are to be registered with the Campus Life office one week in advance and entered on the College calendar. Such events may be scheduled for Friday or Saturday nights, but shall not be scheduled from Sunday through Thursday or during reading and final examination periods unless permission is granted by the Division of Student Development.
  • Excessive noise, disorderly or disruptive behavior and destruction of or damage to property are not allowed and can result in the closing of the event and judicial charges, and/or other action by the College.


  • The names and signatures of three individuals who are in charge of or responsible for the social event are to be registered. These persons are known as sponsors.
  • Responsibilities of the sponsors include but are not limited to ensuring compliance with any registration conditions, supervising conduct at the event, providing restitution for any damages that occur during the event, cleaning up after the event, testifying in any disciplinary hearing resulting from conduct at the event, and being named in any disciplinary hearing when the sponsoring organization or persons are charged with violating College policy or regulations.
  • Officers of the sponsoring organization can also be held accountable for the event and conduct for event participants even if they are not present.
  • Sponsors are required to read and sign a Sponsor responsibility form before a social event is approved. The form must be read, signed and kept on file in the Campus Life Office.
  • Outdoor events where amplified sound is present may need to end considerably earlier and be coordinated with local authorities.
  • Midweek social events have specific time limitations.
  • Location of the event is to be registered and approved by the Division of Student Development.
  • Only the residents of a specific area may host a social event there. Exceptions to this regulation may be made only with the consent of residents of the specific area and Student Development.
  • Any recognized student group or organization may host a social event in Seymour Union.
  • Fire code capacity must not be exceeded.
  • Where appropriate, an assurance must be made that all fire extinguishers are charged and placed in proper locations.
  • Decorations are to be fireproof, must not impede the progress of persons leaving the premises in case of emergency and must meet the standards of the Galesburg Fire Department.
  • All policies and regulations for social events shall apply throughout the academic year.
  • No organizationally sponsored event will be held on Reading Day or during Finals without approval of the Dean of Students.
  • Social events given as benefits may be held only with the permission of the Student Life Committee.
  • Social events with alcohol require additional conditions for registration. See Social Events with Alcohol.
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