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Room Selection FAQ


Campus Life Office

2 East South Street

Box 228

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


Fax: 309-341-7571


Submit Your Deposit
Drew residence hall in the spring.

What if I can't be there?

Please stop by the Campus Life Office to fill out a proxy form. This form will allow another student to select a housing space for you during the appropriate Room Selection phase.

I'm leaving on an off-campus program or have a friend who is already gone. What do I do?

Contact Craig Southern, so a solution can be worked out. Generally, these situations can be solved quite quickly.

Do I have to find a roommate?

If you want to apply for an Apartment or Block Housing, you do need a roommate. However, you do not have to have a roommate to sign up for a room through general selection. Any other student, however, may sign up for the remaining spot in the room. All spaces are filled at the end of room selection or shortly after, so you will receive a roommate.

Can I live with someone who's not in my room selection category?

Yes! You simply go though General Selection and sign up with the person with the best priority number if you would like to room together.

Does everyone get a priority number?

Not everyone will get a number. Only students who we expect to be on campus and who live in the residence halls during this academic year will receive numbers. Examples of students who will not receive numbers are:

  • Students on full-year off-campus programs for the following academic year
  • Resident Assistants
  • Students who may graduate by the end of the current academic year
  • Students who are currently on a leave of absence
  • Students who have indicated intent to transfer or take leave next year
  • Students who have been granted Off-Campus permission
  • Students who have already been housed in Greek, Theme, or Cultural Houses.

If you need a priority number and did not receive one, please see Craig Southern in the Campus Life Office. For more information, check out the priority number explanation page.

I'm thinking about transferring, should I go through room selection?

You should go through room selection if you conceivably think you will be on campus next year. You should communicate with your roommate about your plans. Any student who is without a roommate at any point during the summer will be assigned a new roommate (either a current Knox student or a transfer student). Two students who are living alone in a double somewhere in the same building may be consolidated into the same room at the end of room selection or over the summer.

What if there is an open space in my room, apartment, or block?

All spaces must be filled to submit an application.  But if for some reason, there is a space that becomes open in your room, apartment, or block (for example, if someone does not return next year), this space will be filled by the Campus Life Office. This also may apply to spaces left open temporarily because a student is studying off-campus, if space is needed. We encourage all students who think they will live on campus next year to go through room selection and communicate with roommates and suitemates about their likelihood of returning or studying off-campus. Students who go through room selection with no intention of living on campus next year might think they're helping a roommate get a double room as a single, but what they're really doing is opening up their roommate or apartment-mates to living with a student, not of their choosing. Please contact the Campus Life Office if you have any questions or need help in making a decision.

I am a Post-Bacc. Can I stay on campus?

If you have been granted post-baccalaureate study, you will not be eligible for on-campus housing.

I want an apartment! What's my best strategy?

First, it is important to be open to the possibilities! If you have a group of two or three people, consider combining with another group and tendering an application for a large apartment in addition to a small apartment.  Being a part of multiple apartment selections is very important; people lose out on a chance for an apartment every year because they hang all their chances on only one of the selection options.

I want to live with my friends! What's my best strategy?

Your best bet is in the Block Housing process. This strategy works every year for students who want to live together in groups. These can be groups of 4, 6 or 8 students. If all else fails, go through General Selection together, pick a floor in a hall, and sign up as your numbers are called.

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Printed on Thursday, April 19, 2018