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Knox College offers its students a multitude of residence hall options. Historic houses, apartments, suite-style residence halls and traditional residence halls make up one of the most diverse selections of any college. Listed below is each option, a description of the selection process that applies to it, and some information about what each residence offers.

Residential Cultural Houses

  • International House - contact Rebecca Eckart, Assistant Director of International Student Services.
  • Casa Latina - contact Tianna Cervantez, Director, Center for Intercultural Life
  • ABLE House - contact Tianna Cervantez, Director, Center for Intercultural Life.
  • Asian Cultural House - contact Tianna Cervantez, Director, Center for Intercultural Life.
  • Harambee House - contact Tianna Cervantez, Director, Center for Intercultural Life.
  • Queer and Ally (Q&A) House - contact Tianna Cervantez, Director, Center for Intercultural Life.

Medical Singles

These rooms are for students with medical situations that require single room occupancy. Documentation from a doctor or other health care professional is required and must be provided to Disability Support Services and the Campus Life Office for verification.

Fraternity Houses

Students wishing to live in housing provided by their Greek organization will conduct their own housing lottery. Once you have committed to live in a fraternity house, you will be ineligible to participate in the campus lottery process.


These rooms are available to the student body at large and are limited in quantity. They are located throughout campus. Singles are not available in the general selection, so if you do not receive one, you should look for a roommate.

Block Housing

Block Housing is an option available for a group of students (8 students maximum) who wish to live together in one residential area. Block Housing is available in the following residences:

    • Griffith Hall
    • Longden Hall
    • Post Hall
    • Townhouses (251 S. West)
    • Williston Hall
    • Seymour 3 (all female)

Priority will be determined by averaging each group's priority numbers. The group with the lowest average will be offered block housing first, followed by the group with the second-lowest average, and so on. 

NOTE: Griffith Hall and Longden Hall have only one bathroom, so residents must make arrangements to share these facilities.

Descriptions of the available residences are also available.


For many students, the chance to live in one of Knox's three apartment buildings is a very important aspect of their junior or senior year. Students choosing to live in the apartments must remain on the board plan.

Apartment applications are available in the Campus Life Office. Knox College apartments are available at:

    • 284 West Tompkins: three of five residents
      • NOTE: Beginning 2018-2019, 284 West Tompkins will be designated as a "pet friendly" residence. Each apartment's occupants (other than Apartment #3) will be allowed to have 1 cat or dog live with them in the apartment. A separate agreement will be signed and extra fee assessed for any students who would like to take advantage of this option.
    • 240 West Tompkins: two or four residents
    • Hamblin Hall: two, three, four, or five residents

Apartments Offered

284 W. Tompkins (see NOTE above regarding "pet friendly" option)

    • One bedroom plus sunroom (3 person) - 6 apartments
    • Two bedrooms plus sunroom (5 person) - 5 apartments

Hamblin Hall

    • One bedroom (2 or 3 person) - 14 apartments
    • Two bedrooms (4 or 5 person) - 16 apartments

240 W. Tompkins

    • One bedroom (2 person) - 7 apartments
    • Two bedrooms (4 person) - 7 apartments

Apartments carry an additional cost. Please follow this link for a complete schedule of all college costs. Students may add an additional resident to their apartment to pay the residence hall/house double room rate.

Also Available

Available Floor Plans

General Selection

If you have not received a housing assignment through one of the special options, you must select a room during General Selection.

During general selection, selection times are given based on your priority number.  Roommate pairs my use the best selection time to choose a room.  

Students are encouraged to have choices in mind, and backup options should their first choice be taken. Residence Halls available in General Selection are: Longden Hall, Griffith Hall, Post Hall, Williston Hall, and Townhouses. Peterson House and 516 S. West House will also be available for gender-indentifying males. Several Seymour 3 rooms will be available for gender-identifying females. Availability is based on what is selected during block housing.

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Printed on Thursday, April 19, 2018