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Meet Emma!

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Students walking on the south side of Old Main

What is your Favorite thing about Staff Council?

I love the opportunity to work with and collaborate with other staff members that I might not have met otherwise.

What year did you start at Knox?


What is the best place to eat in Galesburg?

The Landmark, handsdown!

Who has the office with the best candy, snacks, coffee, or tea?

HR always has bowls of candy out!

What are your goals for Staff Council?

To connect with the Knox community and make a positive difference.

What TV show, series, movie or book do you recommend or are you watching right now?

I'm loving Emily in Paris and You right now! I always have my nose buried in a mystery novel as well.

How do you see other staff members interacting with Staff Council?

I see it as being a positive relationship, where people know they can come to use with their ideas/ concerns.

Where can we find you on campus?

Administrative Services Center.

Knox College

Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024