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Meet Jaimie!

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

What is your favorite thing about Staff Council?

The friends I have made through the events and meetings that Staff Council has provided.

What year did you start at Knox?


What is the best place to eat in Galesburg?

Iron Spike

What is your favorite Knox story?

Would be Senior week. Its not really a Knox story, but the Senior celebration the night before Commencement with food, music, the fireworks. Everyone is so relaxed and excited!

Who has the office with the best candy, snacks, coffee, or tea?

Hello that would be me.... I have everything anyone wants or needs at my finger tips. Plus during New Student ID Day I provide fruit infused spa water for the students waiting in line for ID's.

What are your goals for Staff Council?

My goals would be to generate a positive experience and bring the staff useful and fun ways to network and collaborate.

What TV show, series, movie or book do you recommend or are you watching right now?

Virgin River, Blacklist. One summer it was my goal to watch Criminal Minds from beginning to end. It was like 300 and some episodes.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of being on Staff Council?

Having a voice for my constituents.

How do you see other staff members interacting with Staff Council?

My goal would be to keep our meetings a constant remind to the staff and invite people to the meetings so that they can see first hand what we do and how we get things done.

Where can we find you on campus?

Seymour Union-Right off the Cafe

Knox College

Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024