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Guide for Your Educational Plan

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(To download this guide as a Microsoft Word document, click here.)

These questions are offered as a guide as you work on your educational plan. If other questions or topics are more helpful, they can be substituted. If you and your advisor agree on some other format entirely, that’s permitted also. Final approval of your plan rests with your advisor. For samples of completed educational plans, click on the links at the left.

LOOKING BACK: Thinking about coming to college and your experience so far, considering academics, co-curricular activities, and the personal side of things.

What were you looking forward to in coming to college? How has your experience compared to your expectations?

What has helped or facilitated your success so far at Knox?

What have you enjoyed the most?

What barriers or difficulties have you dealt with in coming to college and/or in your life here at Knox? Have you been able to overcome these difficulties? How so? What difficulties are you currently coping with?

What has had the biggest impact on you?

What interests or talents have you discovered here? What previous interests or talents have you developed further?

What have you chosen for your major and minor fields? What factors contributed to these choices?

What connections can you see between different parts of your experience?

  • between your interests before Knox and your interests at Knox
  • between your academic interests and non-classroom activities
  • between courses that you find engaging

Is there any pattern that emerges from these reflections? Any signals of subjects and activities that are likely to engage your interest into the future?

LOOKING AHEAD: Thinking about the future.

Your next two years at Knox:

  • Are there additional subjects and/or skills that you would like to explore, either because they will help you develop the interests you have or because college is a “last chance” to explore some of these?
  • What special opportunities might you want to explore? (E.g., internships, study abroad, independent study, summer work). See list of “Special Opportunities: Academic and Co-Curricular.”

After Knox:

  • Do you have a dream of what you might be doing five years after you graduate from Knox?
  • And can you think of some other possible visions of the future as well?
  • Are there other things you could be doing during your years at Knox that might help you move successfully into these visions?


Foundation courses:

Arts ________________________
History and Social Science ________________________
Humanities ________________________
Natural & Physical Sciences ________________________
Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning ________________________


Major ________________________
Second field(s)* ________________________

*(could be one minor, one additional major, or two minors)

Explain these choices and what connections you see between your fields, if any.


Key Competencies:

Writing ________________________
Information literacy and  
informed use of technology ________________________
Speaking ________________________
Mathematics Proficiency ________________________
Second Language ________________________
Diversity (2 courses) ________________________

Experiential Learning





Use your EDR (Educational Development Record) to review the list of courses you’ve already taken and to see how they are counting towards graduation goals. Your EDR is available in the Registrar section of My.Knox.


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Printed on Thursday, November 23, 2017

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