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Course Descriptions

SCI 100. The Scientific American Course. (1)

Will medical treatments be custom-designed for individuals in the future? How are extremely precise measurements of time done, and why would we want to do them? Is the health of the environment improving or declining? Could it be possible for both to happen simultaneously? This courses examins such forward-looking questions as a means of accessing the cutting edge of emerging science. Developed by faculty members from different disciplines and intended for non-science majors, this course invites students to discuss exciting recent developments in a wide range of scientific fields that impact their lives. Students will study the processes scientists use to understand the world around us, including our bodies and brains, and will examine the implications and applications of this scientific knowledge in modern life. Recent articles from Scientific American will serve as the main text; laboratories and other experiences illustrating the concepts discussed will also be included. MNS; NPS; Staff;

Knox College

Printed on Friday, February 24, 2017

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