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Course Descriptions

MCNR 100. McNair Tutorial. (1/2)

(over 1 term) A required course for first-year McNair Fellows, this course is comprised of advanced academic and career preparation. The academic component features extensive preparation for undergraduate research and orientation to the McNair program, while the career component explores various aspects of the professional career. Emphasis is placed on developing advanced research skills and preparing fellows for independent research. Prerequisite(s): standing as a McNair Fellow; Staff;

MCNR 200. McNair Tutorial. (1/2)

(over 3 terms) Emphasis is placed on the development of each fellow's independent research project, including introductory work in the area of intended research, developing a bibliography and appropriating various research methodologies and resources. Prerequisite(s): good standing as a McNair Fellow; Staff;

MCNR 300. McNair Tutorial. (1/2)

(over 3 terms) A continuation of MCNR 200, this course emphasizes preparation for graduate school. Topics covered include preparing for the Graduate Record Exam, applying to graduate schools, personal statements, financial aid and recommendations. Fellows also have the opportunity to prepare for a second summer of independent research. Prerequisite(s): MCNR 200 and good standing as a McNair Fellow; Staff;

MCNR 400. McNair Tutorial. (1/2)

A continuation of MCNR 300. This courses takes a seminar format, emphasizing admission to graduate programs, financial aid in graduate school, and Honors projects. Prerequisite(s): MCNR 300 and good standing as a McNair Fellow; Staff;

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