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McNair Program

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MCNR 100 McNair Tutorial (1/2)

(over 1 term) A required course for first-year McNair Fellows, this course is comprised of advanced academic and career preparation. The academic component features extensive preparation for undergraduate research and orientation to the McNair program, while the career component explores various aspects of the professional career. Emphasis is placed on developing advanced research skills and preparing fellows for independent research. Prerequisite(s): standing as a McNair Fellow; Staff

MCNR 200 McNair Sophomore Seminar (1/2)

(over 3 terms) This course emphasizes preparation for academic research and the summer internship with the McNair Scholars Program. We focus on the definition of research and the various ways in which research happens and how it takes place. In order to pave the way for successful independent research with a faculty mentor, this course provides training in general research skills and guides students through the development of a research or project proposal. Students also develop and practice their presentation skills and prepare a presentation of their proposal. Students meet with research librarians to learn how to search for scholarly sources as well as faculty members to learn about research in their academic fields. Scholars specifically receive instruction on the analysis and use of scholarly publications and are exposed to academic culture through social and academic activities. Prerequisite(s): Admission into the McNair Scholars Program; Staff

MCNR 300 McNair Junior Seminar (1/2)

(over 3 terms) This seminar course emphasizes preparation for the graduate school application process. Topics covered include applying to graduate school, identifying graduate programs of interest, funding graduate education, writing statements of purpose, writing CVs, and letters of recommendation. Students will also learn more about the structure of graduate programs and the activities that graduate students engage in during their doctoral studies. Scholars may also have the opportunity to participate in graduate school visits and receive support for GRE preparation. This course is also a continuation of MCNR 200. Students will continute to prepare for a McNair Summer Research Internship by submitting final versions of their project proposals and presenting their work in an on-campus, public symposium. Prerequisite(s): MCNR 200 or conurrent enrollment with junior standing and good standing as a McNair Scholar; Staff

MCNR 400 McNair Senior Seminar (1/2)

A continuation of MCNR 300. This seminar focuses on writing personal statements and curriculum vitae, obtaining letters of recommendation, applying to graduate programs, and securing grants, fellowships, and other financial aid. Scholars are encouraged to visit potential graduate schools. Prerequisite(s): MCNR 300 and good standing as a McNair Scholar; Staff

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