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CTL 100 Language Skills I (1/2)

Practice in academic skills of English including reading, writing, listening, and speaking through intensive projects and extensive writing assignments. Emphasis is on the effective expression and comprehension of ideas. Prerequisite(s): first-year standing; J. Haslem

CTL 101 Language Skills II (1/2)

Further work in academic language skills with an emphasis on development of reading and writing. May be repeated once for credit provided that credit has not been earned in CTL 100; J. Haslem

CTL 120 Mathematical Concepts for Algebra and Statistics (1/2)

A review of basic high school mathematics, including algebra and basic analytic geometry, individually tailored to each student's particular needs. This course is intended to prepare students for MATH 121 and/or STAT 200. Upon completion of the course, students are recommended to move directly into one of those courses in the subsequent term. Prerequisite(s): course placement as identified by the Registrar; E. Hutchings

CTL 140 Pedagogy in Practice (.0)

The course will help students improve their understanding of writing pedagogy with a particular emphasis on putting theory into practice when helping their fellow students as CTL writing tutors. Students will be given an opportunity, through readings, writing assignments, and class discussion, to reflect upon their own experiences and to develop appropriate methods for addressing a variety of tutoring scenarios. Prerequisite(s): ENG/CTL 202; Students who take this course must be employed as CTL writing tutors; J. Haslem

CTL 151 Introduction to Peer Tutoring (.0)

An introductory study of the tutoring process reserved for subject-specific CTL tutors and departmental teaching assistants who provide tutoring. Examines the essential components of a successful tutoring session, including developmental theory, the tutoring cycle, and challenging tutoring situations and dynamic. Also explores learning and study skill strategies, critical thinking, subject-specific tips, and tutor self-evaluation. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor.; S/U; K. Wallenfelsz

CTL 152 Advanced Peer Tutoring (.0)

Continued study of the tutoring process and protocols, including cultural dynamics, learning theory, analysis of the tutoring session, resource development, and collaborating with faculty and departments. Space reserved for subject-specific tutors and departmental teaching assistants who engage in tutoring. Prerequisite(s): CTL 151. Must have earned CRLA Level I Certification; S/U; K. Wallenfelsz

CTL 153 Master Peer Tutoring (.0)

Advanced study of the processes and protocols associated with peer tutoring, including self-regulated learning, collaborative and inclusive learning, structured learning experiences, tutor supervision skill development, group management skills, and tutoring special populations. The course combines readings, discussions, study of academic support programming, and collaborative projects. This course culminates with the planning and execution of collaborative projects designed to enhance CTL support initiatives. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing, CTL 151 & 152. Must have earned CRLA Level I & II Certification (50 hours of cumulative tutoring for the CTL).; S/U; J. Haslem; staff

CTL 155 Success Learning (.0)

A course in contemporary learning theories (cognitive, transformational, behavioral, and psychological) and the life and learning practices which extend from them. Special attention given to cognitivism, constructivism, conditioning, metacognition, and to pre- and deep-learning strategies, note-taking, reading for academic purposes, test preparation, and time management. Prerequisite(s): Sophomore standing, CTL 140, CTL 151, or CTL 152; J. Haslem

CTL 161 College Success Seminar (1/2)

College Success Seminar will support eligible first-year through junior-standing students interested in enhancing their academic achievement. Topics include learning strategies, study skills, academic goal setting, and campus resource utilization and are taught in a discussion-based weekly seminar. Students will have guided opportunities to explore and reflect upon their current learning practices, study holistic learning practices, and enact new ways of learning to promote academic and personal success. Prerequisite(s): Open by invitation only to first-year through junior standing students who are eligible for the CTL Student Success program; permission of the instructor; K. Wallenfelsz

CTL 201 Modern Business Messaging

The course is intended for any student wishing to improve written communication skills, but especially for those students who want to gain skills in writing clear and effective business-related prose. The course focuses on the business and technical writing skills necessary to communicate effectively in a variety of professional settings. Students analyze, evaluate, and create a variety of professional documents: letters, memos, resumes, reports, proposals, business plans, presentations, etc. Cross Listing: BUS 201;ENG 201; W; J. Haslem

CTL 202 Teaching Writing

The course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the theory, practice, and pedagogy of writing. What defines good writing? How do we learn to write? What are the most effective ways to work with writers one-on-one and in the classroom? As we answer these questions, students learn not only how to effectively teach writing, but also how to improve their own writing. Cross Listing: ENG 202; W; J. Haslem

CTL 275 New Arguments

Students will be given formal instruction in advanced composition with a particular emphasis on written argumentation as a part of the rhetorical tradition. Topics will include the history of rhetoric and its relevance today, particularly as a way to construct knowledge. Cross Listing: ENG 275; W; J. Haslem

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