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Academic Calendar 2023-2024

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Fall Term 2023

September 7, Thursday                                 
New students arrive 

September 7-10, Thursday-Sunday              
New student orientation

September 10, Sunday                                  
Residence halls open for returning students.

September 11, Monday
8:00 a.m. Classes begin
11:00 a.m. Opening Convocation

October 18, Wednesday                                
Fall Institute (no classes)

October 27-29 , Friday - Sunday                   
Homecoming, Friends & Family Weekend

November 14, Tuesday          
Classes end

November 15-16, Wednesday-Thursday                    
Reading Days

November 17-19, Friday-Sunday                     
Final examination period

November 20, Monday                                 
Winter vacation begins. Board ends with breakfast.
Residence halls close.

Winter Term 2024

January 2, Tuesday                                       
Residence halls open. Board begins with dinner. 
On-line check-in opens

January 3, Wednesday                                  
Classes begin

February 7, Wednesday                                
Day of Dialogue (no class meetings)

March 7, Thursday
Classes end

March 8-9, Friday-Saturday                        
Reading Days

March 10-12, Sunday-Tuesday                 
Final examination period

March 13, Wednesday                                   
Spring vacation begins.
Board ends with breakfast. Residence halls close.

Spring Term 2024

March 26, Tuesday                                           
Residence halls open. Board begins with dinner.
On-line check-in opens.

March 27, Wednesday                                         
Classes begin

May 30, Thursday                         
Classes End

May 31-June 1, Friday-Saturday
Reading Days

June 2-4, Sunday-Tuesday                      
Final examination period

June 5, Wednesday                                            
Residence halls close and board ends with lunch except for seniors and those with permission from Dean of Students.

June 5, Wednesday
1:00 p.m.  Senior grades due

June 9, Sunday                                              
Residence halls close. No meals served.

Summer Term 2024

June 12, Wednesday                                             
Classes begin

June 19, Wednesday                                     
Juneteenth holiday (no class meetings)

July 4-5, Thursday-Friday                              
July 4th holiday (no class meetings)

July 10, Friday                                               
Classes end
Final Examination

July 16, Thursday
1:00 p.m.  Summer grades due

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Printed on Monday, May 20, 2024