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The photographers and videographers in the Office of Communications serve two primary purposes—to capture and share the Knox experience with the College's many constituents and to document the life of the College for our archives.

Who We Are

While we're luck to have two staff members dedicated to our visual media needs, we also rely heavily upon our students to help us cover the complete Knox experience. Get to know our team:

  • Evan Temchin, visual media coordinator (hint: photo and video)
  • Peter Bailley, photographer
  • 20+ Student PhotoCorps members
  • 10+ Student VideoCorps members

How We Work

With more than 100 student clubs and organizations, 60+ academic departments, 1,400 students, and more than 300 faculty and staff, there are a lot of events and campus life activities to cover with photo and video. Our dedicated photographers spend a good deal of time walking the Knox campus each week looking for photo opportunitiesthink cute squirrel shotsbut they also have deadlines to meet.

As with any communications project, the more time we have to plan and schedule projects, the happier everyone is with the results. But we do recognize that events pop up from time to time that need to be covered, so always give us a call or drop us an e-mail if you see something that's worth documenting.

How We Can Help

Between our two staff members and more than 20 students, we can provide a wide-range of photo and video coverage. But we still need plenty of time to planand that includes brainstorming and/or storyboarding photo or video shoots, scheduling people, planning for equipment needs, and more.

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure quality coverage:


  • At least 1 week's notice is ideal for photo coverage of an event. 
  • Allow 2-4 days for photo editing before receiving final files.
  • Allow at least 2 weeks to plan a photo shoot.
  • We'll do our best to handle last-minute requests, but we can't make any promises.


  • Please give as much notice as possible, or at least contact us 1 to 2 weeks prior to production.
  • Allow at least 3 to 4 weeks of production time. 
  • Week 1: concept discussions, storyboarding, and script preparation
  • Week 2: location scouting & discussion, interviews (if needed), script developed and finalized.
  • Week 3: production
  • Week 4: production (if necessary), editing, viewing and approval of rough cut, final editing.

How You Can Help

Here's the thing about photos and videosthey don't look like they're difficult to produce, but they are far more complicated than you may think. Which is why we need you to work closely with us.

Let us know early if you think there's a class or event that needs to be covered, so that we can ensure proper coverage. (See our timelines above.) If you're simply thinking about a video, get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we have enough time to brainstorm and storyboard the projects. And don't be shycall us or e-mail us if you think there's something happening on campus that needs to be covered. How else would we get our terrific pictures of students playing in the snow?


All photographs taken for the Knox College website, publicity, or publications are the property of the College. This includes photos contracted with outside vendors, unless otherwise stated in a written contract.

This also includes photographs taken by faculty, staff, and student workers. For example, photos shot by students working for the Office of Communications during their working hours are the property of the College. Students may use the photos they shoot for their portfolio, but may not sell or otherwise claim ownership of the photos. Likewise, photos taken by alumni relations staff or student ambassadors during a Knox Club event are the property of the College.

Requests for copies of photos taken by the College will be honored, subject to the requestor's acknowledgement that such photos are for personal or portfolio use only and will not be used for commercial purposes or sold.

Photo Credits

In general, the website and most publications do not include credits. When credits are used in College publications, however, photo credits to individual photographers will be included in the form of "Name of Photographer." When photos are supplied to external organizations, such as ACI or ACM, photo credits to will be included in the form of "Knox College/Name of Photographer."

Privacy Policy

Knox does not distinguish between photos taken for news purposes (press releases, media inquiries) and those taken for marketing purposes, such as brochures, Web pages, and publications.

Photo Releases

Knox does distinguish between photos taken in living areas and those taken in public spaces, such as Seymour Union and Harbach Theatre. As a matter of policy, photography of individuals is not permitted in living areas without explicit permission from those being photographed. Generally, students, faculty, staff, and invited visitors such as speakers or performers are considered to have given permission for general photography without a written photo release. If the photograph use will include identifying information, permission will be requested of the subject. An oral agreement is sufficient for most purposes.


Photographs of minor visitors to campus, such as elementary students, summer campers, and those planning or attending non-Knox sponsored events held on campus should not include identifying information, including name or hometown. Written parental permission is required before using photography that includes identifying information, such as name or hometown. For students attending programs on campus with their school, a photo permission signed for the school is sufficient.

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