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Photo of the Day

By submitting a photo to the Knox College Photo of the Day, you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photo; that the photo has not been materially altered (sharpening, cropping, red-eye correction are not considered material alterations); and that you are granting Knox College non-exclusive permission to use the photo for the Knox College website and other college marketing and publicity as it sees fit, without remuneration.

The photographer retains the rights to the photo for future use and licensing. The photographer will receive photo credit on the Photo of the Day page and, if the photo is used for other purposes by the college, whenever the college uses photo credits.


All photographs taken for the Knox College website, publicity, or publications are the property of the College. This includes photos contracted with outside vendors, unless otherwise stated in a written contract.

This also includes photographs taken by faculty, staff, and student workers. For example, photos shot by students working for the Office of Communications during their working hours are the property of the College. Students may use the photos they shoot for their portfolio, but may not sell or otherwise claim ownership of the photos. Likewise, photos taken by alumni relations staff or student ambassadors during a Knox Club event are the property of the College.

Requests for copies of photos taken by the College will be honored, subject to the requestor's acknowledgement that such photos are for personal or portfolio use only and will not be used for commercial purposes or sold.

Photo Credits

In general, the website and most publications do not include credits. When credits are used in College publications, however, photo credits to individual photographers will be included in the form of "Name of Photographer." When photos are supplied to external organizations, such as ACI or ACM, photo credits to will be included in the form of "Knox College/Name of Photographer."

Privacy Policy

Knox does not distinguish between photos taken for news purposes (press releases, media inquiries) and those taken for marketing purposes, such as brochures, Web pages, and publications.

Photo Releases

Knox does distinguish between photos taken in living areas and those taken in public spaces, such as Seymour Union and Harbach Theatre. As a matter of policy, photography of individuals is not permitted in living areas without explicit permission from those being photographed. Generally, students, faculty, staff, and invited visitors such as speakers or performers are considered to have given permission for general photography without a written photo release. If the photograph use will include identifying information, permission will be requested of the subject. An oral agreement is sufficient for most purposes.


Photographs of minor visitors to campus, such as elementary students, summer campers, and those planning or attending non-Knox sponsored events held on campus should not include identifying information, including name or hometown. Written parental permission is required before using photography that includes identifying information, such as name or hometown. For students attending programs on campus with their school, a photo permission signed for the school is sufficient.

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