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Office of Communications

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Knox College strives to provide timely, accurate, complete information to the public and the media. The College's Office of Communications is the primary conduit through which such information is disseminated. All requests from media representatives should be directed to the Office of Communications, where all media relations activities are coordinated.

How We Work

Communications staff work with local, state, and national media to promote the College, its faculty, staff, and students. We look for ways to publicize the quality and quantity of scholarship and creative work conducted by Knox faculty and students, the diversity of the College community and their energy and enthusiasm for learning. Communications staff develop and pitch news stories and story ideas on faculty research and expertise to media outlets. Whenever possible, we also develop stories on student research and accomplishments. Communications staff also manage media relations regarding College administrative policies and activities.

Photographs of campus events and activities should be requested and scheduled through the Office of Communications. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance of the event.

News on the Web
The Office of Communications maintains a news site on the Web. All press releases and news stories are available on the Web at

Knoxletter Blog
The Knoxletter blog is prepared by the Office of Communications. A request for media relations services also constitutes a request for placement in the Knoxletter.

Generally, on-campus promotions such as posters are the responsibility of the individuals planning an event.

Media Relations Staff

How We Can Help You?

  • Promote to the media your research and educational efforts that are of interest to the general public.
  • Provide advice on how to respond when a reporter calls.
  • Help write opinion-editorial pieces and letters to the editor.
  • Let you know when your name appears in the news.

How You Can Help Us?
Many of you are doing work that could be of interest to the general public. Please let us know when you are doing something that might be the genesis of an interesting story. Generally, the Office of Communications can assist in promoting:

  • Research findings
  • Exhibitions of creative works
  • Speakers, performances, or other public presentations

We may also find interest among the public in:

  • Unusual or new classroom techniques or topics (For example, collecting bats from area homes for study)
  • Collaborative work between/among disciplines
  • New uses for technological innovations (e.g., class chats or weblogs)
  • Interesting or unusual people, objects, or locations connected with the College.

Notify the Office of Communications as far in advance as possible about upcoming speakers, performances, or exhibitions that are open to the public. Garnering good coverage takes time. Reporters plan feature stories two to three weeks ahead, requiring as much detail as possible as far in advance as possible.For dated materials such as presentations and performances, please observe the following guidelines for meeting the deadlines of media outlets

  • Radio & television require two weeks notice
  • Newspaper outlets require two weeks to 10 days notice
  • Programming on ETC-TV and the Illinois Channel must be supplied two months before it is aired

Speaking to the Media

Only people specifically authorized to speak on the behalf of the College may do so. The Director Government & Community Relations acts as the primary crisis spokesperson on behalf of the College, as authorized by the President. Members of the Senior Administrative Staff also may speak on behalf of the College on topics pertaining to their areas of responsibility and expertise, as appropriate. Anyone speaking with the media should clearly indicate whether they are providing personal opinion or expertise, or speaking on behalf of the College.

If you do have the opportunity to speak with the media on behalf of the College, follow these helpful guidelines.

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