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People traveling to Knox may prefer shipping items, rather than transporting items themselves. Some shipping hints:

    • Check the guidelines for Correct Address below.
    •  Refrain from shipping items that can be easily damaged. Some shippers have restrictions on extremely fragile items, such as ceramics. 
    •  When shipping electronics, use the original box and packing materials, if possible, or a similar arrangement: bubble wrap around objects, box filled with suitable packing material.
    • Insure contents. 
    • Inventory contents of each box before shipping 
    • Do not send items to Knox more than a week ahead of your arrival.

All packages received at Knox are held in the Mailroom, and a signature is required to pick them up. The Mailroom will operate the morning of "move-in day," when residence halls open for students.

Correct Addressing

The most common reason mail does not reach its destination is an error in the address. Always make sure that the address is complete, with:

    • Apartment numbers, street direction (i.e. East, West, etc.) whenever applicable
    • Street designation (i.e. Street, Avenue, Drive, etc.) whenever applicable
    • For international mail, always place the name of the country (in English) as the last line of the address
    • Always include your return address in the top left corner of the letter or package.

Use this form for your address at Knox College:

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Knox College Box 1234
2 E. South St
Galesburg, IL 61401-4999

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Printed on Saturday, April 29, 2017

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