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There are many different types of facilities where you can receive care, and it's important to understand how these facilities function and how much they can cost, as cost and wait time vary depending on your needs and the purpose of the facility you visit. Below is some general information about what type of care you can receive at particular facilities, and when you might go to them. Read more about what to expect when you go to a doctor.

Student Health Centers

Nearly all colleges and universities in the U.S. have student health centers that exclusively serve students. Knox College's Health and Counseling Center is located in Furrow Hall at 175 West Knox Street. You can receive both care for illness or injury and counseling there.

What treatment can I receive there? Care for colds, coughs, fevers, and other minor illnesses and injuries, and counseling for mental health.

When should I go? Unless you're experiencing a medical emergency, always go to Health and Counseling Services first. It's the cheapest and nearest option.

Urgent Care Centers

What treatment can I receive? Care for colds, fevers, flu, sprains, and other minor illnesses and injuries. You don't need an appointment.

When should I go? You should go to an urgent care center if you're not experiencing a medical emergency, but need to see a doctor when Health and Counseling Services on campus is closed. Urgent care centers are often open 7 days a week and are much less expensive than hospital emergency rooms for non-emergency care.

In Galesburg:
OSF PromptCare
1707 N. Henderson Street
Phone: (309) 343-1000
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


What treatment can I receive? Care for serious or life-threatening accidents, illnesses, or emergencies; surgery; tests such as X-Rays, blood work, and other laboratory tests.

When should I go? You should go to the hospital in a life-threatening or serious medical emergency or accident, or when referred by Health Services or another physician for testing or treatment. If you have an emergency, you don't need an appointment to go to the emergency room. You and other patients there will be seen in the order of severity. If you're referred to a hospital for testing or treatment, you'll need an appointment.

In Galesburg:
OSF St. Mary Medical Center
3333 N. Seminary Street
Phone: (309) 344-3161

Cottage Hospital
695 N. Kellogg St.
Phone: (309) 343-8131

Doctor's Offices

What treatment can I receive there? In the U.S., different types of doctor's offices offer different services. General care or family practice physicians offer general, non-emergency care. Other physicians are specialized, and may work in an office that focuses on that specialty--dermatology, cardiology, and ear-nose-and-throat clinics are some examples of specialized offices. You usually need an appointment at a doctor's office.

When should I go? As a Knox student, it will always be cheaper and more convenient to start at the Health and Counseling Center (except in an emergency). You may need to go to a doctor's office if Health Services refers you off campus, or if you need treatment by a specialist that's not available on campus.

Outpatient Center

What treatment can I receive there? An outpatient center offers a variety of treatments. In some cases, outpatient centers provide services to patients who have been hospitalized and need follow-up treatment or therapy, but don't need to check into a hospital. Additionally, some out-patient centers are specialized to do specific surgical procedures or therapies that don't require overnight hospitalization.

When should I go? If you need follow-up treatment or therapy, Health Services or another doctor or hospital may refer you to an outpatient center. 


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