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Alex Pia

Director of International Student Services

2 E. South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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Advice for Seniors

Congratulations on reaching your Senior Year! As a senior you have three immigration related options before you:

If you will be returning home or elsewhere abroad after obtaining your Knox degree, be aware that you may remain in the United States for up to 60 days after your program completion date as noted on your SEVIS I-20.

If you plan to pursue a certificate or higher degree in the U.S., you will need to apply to a school authorized to admit F-1 students. Once accepted, you will transfer to the new school as an F-1 with the same SEVIS number and an I-20 from your new school. Before issuing the I-20, the new school will want to know if you are in good academic, conduct, and payment status at Knox.

If you plan to apply for OPT, keep in mind that OPT is designed to allow you to look for, accept, and experience work commensurate with your academic background and educational level. If you are not working or looking for work, you are not maintaining status. If you decide to apply to grad school while on OPT, be sure to complete your application well in advance of the OPT end date.

What should I be sure to do in my last year at Knox?
All graduating seniors should take care of the following items no later than the end of winter term, by April 15, or while on OPT, as applicable:

  • Ensure you are on track to graduate with your advisor and the Office of the Registrar.
  • Confirm your program completion date, major, and OPT or CPT history with the DSO.
  • Locate your initial I-20 from First-Year and make sure a copy is in your student file.
  • Apply for OPT if you would like to work in the United States after graduation.
  • Change your address with the Knox mailroom if you are expecting but have not received an EAD card for OPT.
  • File your 1040NR and 8843 IRS forms for the previous year, and make sure you know how to file these forms from abroad, in order to pay taxes . Be sure Knox and your OPT employer have an address for mailing your last W-2 income statement, so that you can pay state and federal taxes as required on OPT income earned.
  • While living off campus or on OPT, continue to notify the International Advisor of any change of address so that your SEVIS record can be updated.
  • Notify the International Advisor if you are selected for a Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship.


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Printed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024