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Undocumented/DACA-mented Students


Tianna Cervantez

Lecturer in Anthropology/Sociology; Associate Dean/Director of Intercultural Life

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Knox College is known for its historic commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and strives to create a campus where people from all backgrounds are appreciated. We believe that a diverse campus community offers us the ability to learn from a variety of perspectives and experiences in order to help prepare our students for work on a global scale. We value and appreciate the lived experiences of each of our students, including those that identify as undocumented, and recognize that undocumented students face unique challenges. The College reaffirms our commitment to providing all students access to the education experience that they deserve, including our undocumented students.

Below is a letter that was sent to each Knox DACA student on August 30, 2017:

The College has been monitoring closely the status of the DACA program. As you know, recent media accounts have suggested that the Trump Administration is considering rescinding the program, possibly by the first week of September when ten State Attorneys General are proposing to take legal action against the program. It is unclear whether the proposed administrative action would be retroactive or would suspend only new enrollments into the system.

Should DACA be repealed or substantially diminished, the College intends to take the following steps:

  • Hold a Know Your Rights webinar with the College immigration attorney to provide information on any proposed action;
  • Bring immigration attorneys to campus to work individually and on a pro bono basis with students seeking legal guidance;
  • Fully replace any Campus Employment awards made to DACA-eligible recipients with an equivalent amount of additional Knox Grant;
  • Communicate with our elected officials in defense of the DACA program and any efforts to replace it with new legislation such as the Bridge Act, currently cosponsored by Senators Durbin and Graham.

In addition, we want to take this occasion to reaffirm that it is Knox College's general policy that a federal agent seeking to detain a student, staff member, or other individual on school property for violating U.S. immigration law must present a valid criminal warrant to do so. This requirement also applies if a federal agent wants to search the Knox College campus for a person of interest suspected of violating U.S. immigration laws. Exceptions to this policy will be approved by only the highest levels of leadership at Knox College.

Furthermore, officers in the Department of Campus Safety will not cooperate with government or law enforcement agencies making general or broad requests for information concerning students, including students at risk of deportation, unless supported by an appropriate warrant, subpoena, or related document. Requests from agencies made by email, telephone, or any other means will be similarly treated.

Finally, we want to let you know that the Center for Intercultural Life has developed a web page of resources for undocumented students, which will be live at the beginning of the fall term.

Knox remains committed to its historic values of equality and inclusion, and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that all of our students have access to the educational opportunities they deserve. If you have questions about these policies or actions, please do not hesitate to contact staff in the Center for Intercultural Life.

Our very best,

Tianna Cervantez
Anne Ehrlich
Teresa Amott

Knox College

Printed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024