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Voice Mail Instructions

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Log On/Access Your Mailbox

  1. Dial the Call Pilot number 7176 (309-341-7176 when off campus) or press the Message Waiting key.
  2. Dial your mailbox number (same as your extension) followed by # or simply press # if you are accessing Call Pilot from your own telephone.
  3. Dial your password followed by #. The default is 12 plus your extension number (i.e. for extension 7000, the default password would be 127000.)

Listening to Your Messages


  • 2 to play the message just described
  • 4 to go to the previous message
  • 6 to go to the next message
  • # to pause
  • 1 to skip back 5 seconds
  • 3 to skip forward 5 seconds
  • 76 to delete the message

Forwarding Messages

  1. After listening to the message, press 73
  2. Record an introduction
  3. Enter the mailbox number(s) of the person(s) you want to forward the message to and press #
  4. To send, press 79.

Calling the Sender

  1. After listening to a message, press 9 to immediately call the sender (if the sender is known to Voice Messaging)
  2. After pressing 9, you exit Voice Messaging. Remember to log in later to delete the message.

Express Messaging

  1. Dial the express messaging number, 7177 (309/341-7177 when off campus).
  2. Enter the mailbox number of the person you are leaving the message for, followed by #
  3. After the prompt, record your message.

Composing Messages

  1. While logged into Voice Messaging, press 75
  2. After the tone record message, press # to stop recording
  3. Enter the mailbox number(s), followed by #. A second # indicates you have entered the last mailbox number
  4. Use the edit commands if necessary:
    2 play
    5 erase and rerecord
    76 delete
  5. To send, press 79.

Changing Your Password

For security reasons, you should change your password from the one you were first assigned.

  1. After logging in, press 84.
  2. Enter your new password then press #. Your password may be any combination of 16 digits.

Recording Your Greeting

Callers from outside the College hear your external greeting; callers within the College hear your internal greeting. (If you do not record an internal greeting, all callers will hear your external greeting.) A temporary greeting overrides both existing external and internal greetings.

  1. While logged into voice mail, press 82.
  2. Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, 3 for temporary greeting, 9 for personal verification.
  3. Press 5 to record, # to end recording
  4. Press 2 to listen to the recorded greeting
  5. Press 76 to delete your greeting.
  6. Press 4 to exit and return to your messages.

Assigning a Custom Operator

Custom Operator Assistance gives the caller the option of talking with a person you designate instead of leaving you a message

  1. While logged into voice mail, press 80
  2. Press 1 to change the operator
  3. Enter the new operator’s number, then press #.

Tools - Distribution Lists

A distribution list contains frequently-used mailbox numbers within the Voice Messaging system. You can create up to nine personal lists

  1. While logged in to voice mail, press 85
  2. Press 5 to create a list
  3. Enter a number from 1 to 9 to identify the list, then press #
  4. Enter mailbox numbers, then press #
  5. When the list is complete, press # again.
  6. To change a list, delete the list by pressing 76 immediately after you hear the list number, then create a new list.

Call Pilot Help

You can press the "star" or asterisk (*) key at anytime for Tutorial Help while you're logged into your mailbox.

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