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Windows 7 Wireless Configuration

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Windows Windows 7

These instructions will help you set up and configure your computer to use Knox-Wireless.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact the Help Desk, ext. 7700.

  1. Begin by clicking on Start and choosing Control Panel from the menu. In the Control Panel, open Network and Sharing Center.
  1. Figure 1: Network and Sharing CenterIn the Network and Sharing Center, click on Manage Wireless Networks, circled in Figure 1.
  1. In Manage Wireless Networks click on Add. In the new window that opens, choose Manually create a network profile.

  1. Figure 2: Network Profile InformationEnter the information as seen in Figure 2. The information is case sensitive.

    Then click Next.

  1. In the next window, choose Change connection settings.
  1. Figure 3: Wireless Network Properties - Connection TabIn the Wireless Network Properties panel, click on the Connection tab and copy the configuration as seen in Figure 3. Then click on the Security tab.
  1. Figure 4: Wireless Network Properties-Security TabIn the Security tab, copy the information as seen in Figure 4. Then click on Settings.
  1. Figure 5: Protected EAP PropertiesIn the Protected EAP Properties panel, uncheck Validate server certificate as seen in Figure 5. Check the Enable Fast Reconnect box, then click Configure.
  1. In the small box that opens, uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password. Then click OK.
  1. Click OK on the Protected EAP Properties panel seen in Figure 4.
  1. Click OK on the Wireless Network Properties panel seen in Figure 3.
  1. Figure 6: Additional info is neededYou will be prompted for your Knox username and password, seen in Figure 6. Enter your credentials like:
    Password: Password

    If the bubble pops up again, make you entered your username and password correctly, then try again. It may take a few tries to go through.
  1. After it has accepted your username and password, you should successfully connect to Knox-Wireless. If this is the first time this computer has connected to the Knox network, your next step will be to register your computer. See the Registering Your Computer (Windows) Documentation for assistance.


Why do I have to do this?

Most personal computers are set up to be able to easily connect to simple network configurations, like the ones commonly used in households. Because Knox keeps sensitive information stored on its network, extra security and a unique configuration is needed to connect to the network.

How do I connect my game console, Tablet, or other device?

Contact the Help Desk, ext. 7700, for assistance. Knox does not officially support any of these devices. You are allowed to connect up to five devices.

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Printed on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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