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Use of the Labs
Our computing labs are available solely to students, faculty, and staff of Knox College for academic purposes. All lab patrons must observe and honor the needs of other patrons so all have opportunity to use the resources of the lab. Use of the computing lab is subject to the Institution's Acceptable Use Policy and Code of Conduct. In particular, the use of College systems by faculty and staff for partisan political purposes is prohibited as a result of our charitable tax status. Failure to abide by posted policies will be considered a violation of these policies and procedures provided therein will be applied.

Acceptable Use

All campus use of information technology is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy. Please familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and expectations set forth in the policy.

Use of Systems
You may not alter systems or their application software. The loading of games or other non-business related software that might interfere with the normal operation of a lab computer is prohibited.

Food and Drink Prohibited
No food or drinks are allowed in all the computer labs. The ONLY exception is bottled water. This policy is to ensure the safety and protection of the equipment in the labs and to promote a cleaner environment within the vicinity.

Unattended Items, Lost and Found
Lab users are solely responsible for their personal belongings. However, unattended and valuable items will be dealt with in three ways depending on the discretion of the LA on duty. Items will either be placed in the glass display in Founder's, handed over to Campus Life Office (across from Founders Lab) or to Campus Safety.

Lab Etiquette
Be courteous to others using the lab and to all lab staff. Return things to the state in which you found them.

Be courteous to others by not monopolizing the available printers. Restrict your printing to files of no more than 50 pages. Print one copy at a time.

Problems & Assistance
If a system is not in good working condition or a printer jams, notify the lab assistant on duty. If a lab assistant is not available, contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk by calling x7700. Personal use should not interfere or conflict with business use.

Unattended Machines
If computer is left unattended for 10 minutes your items will be moved from the computer and you will be logged off that PC.

In order to conserve energy 15 machines in the Founders Lab will shut down at midnight until 8 a.m. the next morning except if those workstations are occupied or during Finals.

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