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Health Screenings FAQ


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When will the health screenings be held?
The week of October 27-30.  Beginning October 1, you may call IHS at 1-800-840-6100 to schedule your appointment. You may also reserve your appointment online at First-time users will have to register using the Sponsor Code KDRZE. 

Where do the health screenings take place?
Screening check-in and completion of a health questionnaire will take place in the Lincoln Room located in Seymour Union. For added privacy the blood draw will be in the Knox/Gale/Lombard Rooms.

How early can I come?
The first appointments will begin at 6:30 a.m.

I will be out of town during the screening week. What can I do?
Call 1-800-840-6100 to schedule an appointment at an off site laboratory nearest you.  You will have 30 days to schedule your off site screening.

Are the health screenings mandatory?
The health screenings are not mandatory. However, annual health screenings are highly recommended since they can often identify health risks that can be addressed before they become major problems.

Why should I participate in the health screenings?
As we all know, health care costs continue to rise across the U.S. There are numerous causes for this trend. However, one thing is clear: Inadequate individual health management is one core cause of rising health care costs. Individuals need to be involved in the management of their own health. This benefit is being offered to all employees on our medical plan to help them towards the goal of better managing their health, which in the long term should help mitigate costs for the College as well as its employees. Healthier employees mean lower costs for everyone.

What does the screening test?
Your health screening will include a questionnaire and a blood draw used for 34 diagnostic tests to assess a wide range of health areas including:

  • Cardiovascular disease risks (high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes)
  • Liver and kidney disease
  • Anemia
  • Blood, bone, and muscle disease (including certain types of cancer)
  • Prostate cancer (males 40 and over)

Who can participate in the health screenings?
All eligible employees and spouses/partners who participate in the Knox College health plan are encouraged to participate in the health screenings.

If I am not on the Knox health plan am I able to participate?
Yes, employees who are not on the Knox health plan may participate for a fee of $210, which is due at the time of service.

Will there be an incentive?
There will be a daily drawing for four Fit Bits each day!  What is a Fit Bit?  This handy device will track your steps, set goals, calories even your sleep patterns.

Who will process my lab results?

Lab Corp, a nationally recognized laboratory, will process your results.

When will I receive my results?
Your results will be available online within 2-3 days. You will also receive a detailed report in the mail within 10-14 days.

Do I have to fast?
Yes. For accurate readings for the lipid panel the recommended fast time is 12 hours. Do not eat. However, you may drink water. If you know you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, please follow your doctor's instructions regarding fasting.

How long will this test take?
The questionnaire and blood draw should take less than 10-15 minutes.

Will there be food available after the test?
A light breakfast of coffee, granola, fruit, and yogurt will be offered after your screening.

I forgot to make an appointment. Can I still come?
Yes; however, we encourage employees to make an appointment to avoid a possible wait time.

How much do I have to pay for the screening?
Participation is free for all eligible employees and their spouse/partner.

Will Knox College receive the results of my screening?
No. Your health information will be handled according to national privacy laws (HIPAA) and will not be shared with Knox College.

Can I send my results to my physician?
Absolutely. You are encouraged to send your physician the results and ask that they be added to your medical file. This screening is a significant savings for you. The same tests performed by your physician can cost over $1,400.  If you provide your physician's fax number or address, your results will be sent directly to him/her.

My physician draws blood on a regular basis for a medical condition. Can I use my screening results as a replacement for one of those blood draws?
Yes. Many employees save money by providing the Interactive Health Solution results to their physician.

Who is Interactive Health Solutions?
Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) is a leading national provider of health management services. Benefit Administrative Systems (BAS), the third party administrator for the Knox health plan, has retained IHS to provide on-site health screenings for its clients.

What if I feel faint before, during or after the blood draw?
If you have experienced faintness from blood draws in the past, please tell the nurse you would like to lie down for the blood draw. There will a exam table available in a separate area.

Can Medicare eligible retirees participate?
Medicare eligible retirees are not eligible to participate in the health free screenings; however, they may participate be paying the $190 fee .

Can retirees under 65 and on the Knox College health plan participate?

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Printed on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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