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The purpose of this handbook is to describe certain policies and benefits concerning employment at Knox College. It applies to all employees, salaried and hourly. Faculty should consult the Faculty Handbook for additional information. This handbook provides general guidelines and is not meant to include all policies and benefits. For example, employees should use a common-sense approach to decisions about the use of College property and always should report fraud to someone in a position of authority; please note that if this handbook contained such obvious directions, it would be too cumbersome to be useful. Because no one can predict the future with certainty, we must say that College policies and benefits may be amended, deleted and/or interpreted at any time with or without notice, at the sole discretion of the College.

This handbook is not a contract, nor are consistent practices a contract. Employment is at will. This handbook does not take precedence over the terms of official benefit plan descriptions or any union contract. By means of this handbook and by other means, it is the College's intent to comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.

  1. Introduction

    1. A Short History of Knox College
    2. Knox College Statement of Mission
    3. Organization of the College
  2. Employment Procedures and Policies

    1. Hiring Process
    2. Hiring an Internal Candidate
    3. Employment Categories
    4. Orientation
    5. Personnel Records
    6. Length of Service
    7. Compensation
    8. Vacation
    9. Paid Holidays
    10. Sick Leave
    11. New Parent Leave
    12. Bereavement Leave
    13. Family Medical Leave
    14. Employment of Relatives
    15. Disciplinary Procedures
    16. Supervisors' Responsibilities
    17. Grievance/Complaint Procedures
    18. Termination Procedure
    19. Notice of Non-Discrimination
    20. Drug and Alcohol Policy
    21. Smoking Policy
    22. Background Check Policy
    23. Protection of Minors Policy
    24. Outside Employment
    25. Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Students and Knox College Employees
    26. Cellular Service Policy
    27. Policy for Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
    28. Equipment Policy
    29. Information Security Policy
  3. Employment Benefits

    1. Life Insurance
    2. Optional Term Life Insurance
    3. Medical Insurance
    4. Disability Insurance
    5. Flexible Benefit Plan
    6. Retirement Program with TIAA-CREF
    7. Social Security/Medicare Tax
    8. Unemployment Compensation
    9. Workers' Compensation
    10. Tuition Benefits
    11. Employee Assistance Program
    12. Other Benefits

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