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Students walk by Old Main in early evening.

2020 Service Recognition Honors


Office of Human Resources

Administrative Services Center

368 South Prairie Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


Fax: 309-341-7090


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A view of the Gizmo patio from above.

40 Years

Bradley Gregory

35 Years

Jeffrey Douglas
Paul Steenis

30 Years

Debra DeCrane
Melody Diehl
Lynette Lombard
Patrick Pendergast

25 Years

Edwin Anderson
Karen Benedict
Gregory Gilbert
Karen Kampwirth
Andrew Leahy
Duane Oldfield
Magali Roy-Féquière

20 Years

Michael Godsil
Jerry Goodin
Jami Isaacson
Ami Jontz
Steven Lumbeck
Curtis Phillips
Jonathan Powers
Stan Simonson
Craig Southern
Debra Southern
Judith Thorn

15 Years

Anna Clark
Kelly Danielson
Catherine Denial
Fernando Gómez
Kevin Ingles
Raul Martinez
Esther Penick
Tina Rutherford
Carol Scotton
Mark Shroyer
Chad Simpson
Susan Swanson
Daniel Wack
Jamie Wollrab

10 Years

Laura Bush
Sarah Colangelo
Adriana Colindres
Marvin Cooper
Helen Hoyt
Michael Ingles
Sherwood Kiraly
Gabrielle Raley
Jaime Spacco
James Thrall

5 Years

Jonathan Anderson
Tracie Barber
Eleanor Burmeister
Rhonda Dalton
Keisha Davis
Laura Dee
Eric Dickens
Megan Downs
Benjamin Farrer
Kelly Fisk
John Garcia
Ann Martin
Janell McGruder
Stephanie McMillan
Brian O’Connor
Daniel Robinson
Deborah Steinberg
Robin Venvertloh
Peggy Ware
Timothy Welch
Thomas Welch
Nathaniel Williams

Knox College

Printed on Sunday, June 13, 2021