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FAQ for Parents


Counseling Services

2 E. South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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Knox College Health and  Counseling Services are here to assist your student in maintaining or improving their overall wellness. This is an important time in your student's life to learn and we encourage family members to become familiar with our processes so that they may assist their student in gaining the knowledge they need to be healthy adults.

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Can I schedule an appointment for my student?

Counseling Services: Obtaining counseling services is an individual decision. If you feel like your student may benefit from counseling, talk to them. Explain your thoughts and feelings. Remember, they are adults now, beginning to make their own decisions and only they can decide if counseling is a service they wish to obtain. Ultimately, the choice is theirs.

Your student can make an appointment for counseling by calling us at 309-341-7492, e-mailing, or stopping by the office. We recommend calling early as our appointments often fill quickly. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm.

Health Services: To schedule an appointment in Health Services, please call (309)341-7559 or email Walk-ins are not accepted at this time. Please call ahead and we will be glad to care for you!

Health and Counseling Services are located in Furrow Hall at 175 W. Knox Street (across from the soccer field).

Can I access my student's counseling and/or health records?

All Counseling Services and Health Services records are confidential in accordance with Illinois law. Student records can only be released to a third party with a student's written consent except under specific circumstances (threat of harm to self or others, court-ordered subpoena, or child or elder abuse). Records will not be a part of a student's academic record.

What are some reasons students come to Counseling Services?

Students come to Counseling Services for a wide variety of reasons. Many students are experiencing academic difficulties, including time management issues, concentration problems, or lack of motivation. Some students are having trouble adjusting to college life or are having conflict with a roommate or their parents. Students may also have a specific concern related to depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse, eating disorders, or other mental illnesses. Our counselors provide therapy to help students understand their concerns and make positive changes.

What services are provided by Health Services?

Knox College Health Services  ensures that our students have access to a medical practitioner for basic health care needs. Some of the services provided include treatment for cold/flu/sore throat symptoms, asthma, minor burns, earache, rashes, sinus symptoms, minor injuries, and mild allergic reactions.

Who is eligible for services? Is there a cost for your services?

All enrolled, degree-seeking Knox College students are eligible for both services. There are no charges for any of the clinical services at Counseling Services. While Health Services offers a variety of services at no cost, certain medical expenses such as prescriptions, x-rays, and some lab fees are the student's responsibility.

Do you prescribe medication?

Health Services practitioners are able to prescribe medications, if needed. Counseling Services staff do not prescribe medications, but will refer students to a psychiatrist, primary care provider, or Health Services when appropriate. If a student has been prescribed medication prior to coming to Knox, we encourage them to get enough refills to cover the term.

Whom do I call if I am concerned about my student and their safety?

First and foremost, call your child. If you are not able to reach them and are concerned about their well-being, contact Campus Safety at 309-341-7979.

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Printed on Sunday, June 23, 2024