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Resources for Knox Faculty

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Guides and Application forms

Stellyes Center Application for Funds for Professional Development (for Knox faculty and staff)

Advising Students about Off-Campus and International Study Opportunities

Scheduling a Classroom Visit

We'd be delighted to visit your class! We can tailor recommendations for study abroad programs, international research programs, internships and volunteer opportunities to your course. Call or email us to schedule a visit and to brainstorm topics, length of time (anything from ten minutes to half an hour or more), and particular foci.

The Study Abroad Fair 

Encourage your students to attend this annual event, held on the Tuesday of the first week of October in the Seymour Gallery, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. All Knox students are welcome.

Info Sessions

Faculty program advisors may work with the Stellyes Center to set up information sessions--these can be thematically focused (study abroad and research abroad programs for STEM students, for example, or art, theatre and music opportunities in London and Vienna and Milan ) or focused on a particular program (Professor A. talking about her recent visit to SFS programs in Cambodia or Professor T. exploring pre-med and STEM programs with DIS in Stockholm and Copenhagen). Call or email us to schedule an info session - we can reserve the room for you, check that the AV works, and help with publicity.

Faculty-Led Short-Term Courses 

Interested in leading a short-term course? Contact the Director of the Stellyes Center. The Stellyes Center has sample budgets, planning resources, a comprehensive handbook, standard forms, and more. We are happy to support you in planning and executing your program.

Distinguished Global Studies Visitors 

Would you like to bring a scholar, activist, public figure or artist who is in some way connected with global studies to campus for a day or two? We probably can't cover all the costs, but we can contribute funding. See above for the application form and budget sheet. We welcome collaboration - and are delighted to help bring back Knox alumni to campus when they can help highlight to current students the value of international travel and study, globally-focused on-campus study, and post-graduate fellowship, service, and work opportunities.

International Education Organizations with Resources for Faculty 

Faculty Development Opportunities

This includes grant programs for scholarly travel, teaching and research, and travel opportunities with international education and peace organizations:  

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Printed on Monday, July 22, 2024