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Faculty Grants and Sponsored Research

In recent years, our faculty have competitively secured prestigious awards to support their research, scholarship, and creative work from organizations such as the U.S. Fulbright Commission, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Mensa Education & Research Foundation, and The Howard Foundation.

Professor David Bunde

David Bunde

Associate Professor of Computer Science

With support from a National Science Foundation research grant, David and a group of Knox students developed new strategies for teaching computer science at the undergraduate level. Their work focused on parallel computing, a method of programming that better utilizes the multiple processors (or cores) that are increasingly prevalent in computer hardware and enable applications to run faster.

The Gerald and Carol Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study can help you with:

  • Finding opportunites-- We maintain subscriptions to several alert services, listservs, and search engines to find the right opportunities for you.
    • The Illinois Research Information System (IRIS) is a powerful search engine and grants database used by many faculty to identify the right funding opportunities. You can access the IRIS database from any Knox supported computer.
    • We subscribe to alert services such as those available through the National Science Foundation,, and Foundation Center to remain current on new opportunities.

  • Proposal development services -- In particular, we can assist with gathering institutional data to support your proposal, reviewing drafts of your narrative, checking that all required documentation is prepared for submission, and submitting proposals through web-based engines such as, the eraCommons, Fastlane, Fulbright, or others.

  • Budget development -- We can assist in formulating a budget for your project, including the calculation of fringe benefit rates, indirect costs, and travel costs using institutional and State of Illinois standards.

  • Post-award support -- In collaboration with our Business Office, we can help you maintain compliance with College and federal regulations, and in the preparation and submission of reports.

We assist all faculty seeking grants to support your research, scholarship, or creative work -- regardless of how an award is made. However, grants that would result in an award to the institution (the funder wants information such as our DUNS number or 501(c)(3) status) or an institutional commitment/contribution (including coverage for any leave time, sabbatical, or other) must go through the Center and a Knox Grants Form (PDF) must be completed.