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Federal Financial Aid Eligibility


Office of Financial Aid

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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Listed below are the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid:

  1. Regular student in an eligible program: All Knox degree-seeking students meet this requirement.
  2. Elementary or secondary enrollment: Students who are concurrently enrolled in high school and Knox are not considered "regular" students, nor are they eligible for federal financial aid.
  3. Academic qualifications: To receive federal financial aid, students must have a high school diploma, its recognized equivalent or a home schooling completion.
  4. Enrollment status: Virtually all degree-seeking students at Knox are enrolled full-time. For the purpose of awarding financial aid, therefore, Knox assumes full-time enrollment unless we have been specifically notified otherwise. Our census date for determining actual enrollment is the end of the second week of each of our three academic terms. At that time, we receive the Registrar's Enrollment Report, review the list of students enrolled less than full-time, and adjust financial aid accordingly.
  5. Drug conviction: Before federal financial aid is awarded, a review of a student's Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA will reveal if the student has provided an answer that makes him or her ineligible for federal financial aid because of a drug conviction. When a student is ineligible at the beginning of his/her enrollment but expects to become eligible during the year, the financial aid office will have the student complete and sign a Worksheet that determines the date the student will become eligible.
  6. Citizenship: For any student applicant who fails the Social Security match for citizenship or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) match for permanent residence or otherwise eligible status, the financial aid office requires confirmation or documentation of status as specified in the Federal Student Aid Handbook. Federal financial aid may be tentatively awarded, but not posted to a student account until eligibility is determined.
  7. National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Financial Aid History: The financial aid office uses the NSLDS information reported on a student's SAR to determine if the student is ineligible because of default on a previous FSA Loan, has exceeded annual or total loan limits, or has received a grant overpayment.
  8. Social Security Administration: If a student's application fails the Social Security match, the financial aid office resolves the discrepancy before allowing federal financial aid to be posted to a student account. Frequently, the discrepancy can be resolved by requesting a copy of the student's social security card.
  9. Selective Service Administration: If a student's application fails the Selective Service match, the financial aid office resolves the discrepancy before allowing federal financial aid to be posted to a student account. 
  10. Grading Policies: Students must meet Knox's academic progress standards to remain enrolled and receive financial assistance. Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards are explained in the catalog.
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Printed on Saturday, August 24, 2019