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While formally considered to be part of a professor's service load, advising is closely aligned with teaching and is an important part of the work of the Knox faculty. Our advising system has its own learning goals and numerous resources to help you and your students through the advising process.

Learning Goals

Through advising, students will:

  1. Identify College resources, including their academic advisors, and external resources for expanding the variety of their college experiences and addressing problems that invariably arise;
  2. Develop basic familiarity with College graduation requirements so that they can contrast various academic pathways open to them and chart an academic agenda from both short and long term perspectives;
  3. Analyze their academic interests and motives, scholarly strengths and weaknesses, and lifelong ambitions with the aim of selecting courses, majors and minors, and other special opportunities to enhance their educations;
  4. Engage in intentional planning and reflection to construct an individualized educational plan that articulates personal and scholastic goals and analyzes how their academic choices can help them achieve these goals;
  5. Formulate strategies for navigating life after graduation with autonomy and purpose.

Advising Resources

Off-Campus Study

The Stellyes Center maintains information on all aspects of Off-Campus study. A couple that are of particular relevance for advisors include:

Career Services

You and your advisees should regularly consult with the Bastian Family Center for Career Success. They have wonderful resources to support advisors and students at all stages of a students' career, not just their final term on campus!

Advising Workshops

Every year, the office of Faculty Affairs organizing a workshop for new and continuing advisors. It operates as a bootcamp for those new to advising at Knox and as a refresher for those who have advised previously. You can find the agenda for the most recent iteration of the workshop here.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024