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Program Review


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Each program review is part of a College-wide process that asks us, once every eight years or so, to step back and re-consider our academic programs and how they might be improved. Confronted with the demands of our teaching, research, and service, we tend to look at program matters one day, week, or term at a time.  The program review process gives us the opportunity to pause and consider the bigger picture—including the relationship of the program to the College's mission and learning goals—and to make plans for the future, including possible new directions.  The ultimate goal of the process is to help programs fulfill their educational missions and to improve the quality of educational programs through a review undertaken within the programs themselves (the self-study process), supplemented by the insights of consultants from peer institutions who read the self-study documents and visit campus. The external consultants are brought in as a resource, to help the program understand itself from other vantage points. The visit of the consultants is an important part of the process, but it should not overshadow regular ongoing assessment activity within programs and the review and planning process that occurs both before and after the visit. The visit is in service of those activities. When the whole process works well, it stimulates an agenda and strategic planning to guide the program in the years after the review.

Program Review Calendar

Quick links to years: 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, Alphabetical (including next review and last review dates)


Gender and Women's Studies, Political Science / International Relations, Seymour Library


Sports Studies, Religious Studies, CTL, History, Asian Studies, Classics, Biochemistry


Enviornmental Studies, Earth Science, Art & Art History, Data Science, Statistics, Mathematics


Disability Support Services, Vovis Center, Business and Management, Chemistry, Journalism, Music, Economics, Social Service, Anthropology-Sociology, American Studies, Stellyes Center


Africana Studies, Psychology, Neuroscience, Biology, Latin American Studies, Modern Languages


Computer Science, Philosphy, Archaeology, Arts Administration, Educational Studies, Peace & Justice Studies, International Studies


English, Physics & Astromony, Theatre, Dance Studies, Film Studies, Health Studies


Gender and Womens Studies, Political Science / International Relations, Asian Studies, CTL, Seymour Library


Asian Studies, Biochemistry, Classics, History

Alphabetical (new review year, previously reviewed year)

Africana Studies (2026, 2017)
American Studies (2025, 2015)
Anthropology-Sociology (2025, 2016)
Archaeology (2027)
Art & Art History (2024, 2013)
Arts Administration (2027)
Asian Studies (2030, 2023)

Biochemistry (2023, 2016)
Business Management (2023, 02012)

Chemistry (2025, 2014)
Classics (2030, 2023, 2012)
Computer Science (2027, 2015)
CTL (2023)

Dance Studies (2028, 2017)
Data Science (2024)

Earth Sciences (2024)
Economics (2025, 2016)
Educational Studies (2027, 2017)
English (2028, 2020)
Enviornmental Studies (2024, 2012)

Film Studies (2028, 2020)

Gender and Women's Studies (2029, 2021)

Health Studies (2028)
History (2030, 2023)

International Studies (2027, 2018)

Journalism (2024, 2012)

Latin American Studies (2026, 2012)
Library (Seymour) (2022)

Mathematics (2024, 2013)
Modern Langues (2026, 2015)
Music (2025, 2012)

Neuroscience (2026, 2018)

Peace & Justice Studies (2027)
Philosophy (2027, 2018)
Physics and Astronomy (2028, 2018)

Religious Studies (2023, 2013)

Social Services (2025)
Sports Studies (2023)
Statistics (2024)

Theatre (2028, 2017)

Program review calendar was last updated on 2/15/2024. For Knox faculty who would like to see the recently updated calendar, please click here.

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