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Campus Card Services


Knox College Dining

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Galesburg, IL 61401


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The Court House Tower.

Each Knox ID card provides privileged access to a card holder account eliminating the need to carry cash on campus. A personal identification card identifies the cardholder by name, Knox ID number, status (faculty/staff or student) and photo. Your Knox ID photo will appear online in "Faces" unless otherwise requested. Additionally, the reverse side of a personal ID card has a magnetic strip encoded with information to access the cardholder's assigned account and a barcode for checking material out at the libraries on campus. The ID card must be carried at all times while on campus property and surrendered to any college official upon request. The Knox ID Card is non-transferable.

Obtaining a Knox ID Card
Knox ID cards are issued in the Dining Services Office located in Seymour Hall during normal business hours. There is no charge for an initial Knox ID card for students, faculty and staff. There is, however, a $15 replacement fee to re-issue a card that has been lost, stolen or damaged. For students the replacement fee is charged to your Knox student account. For faculty and staff the replacement fee may be paid debit/credit cards only.

Students: First-time students have scheduled photo sessions during new-student orientation, at which time you will receive your Knox ID. Students returning from a leave of absence need to visit the Dining Services Office to receive an updated ID. Student ID cards are only valid for the time a student is enrolled at Knox. The ID card provides access to meals and dining dollars and, if added to your account, flex dollars. You may inquire about meal plan, dining or flex dollar balance information at any dining location, at the Dining Service Office, or by visiting your GET funds on your my knox page.

Faculty and Staff: Once a new hire has met with the Human Resources Department, the Dining Service Office will receive notification of their employment. Prior to or during the first day of work, newly hired employees may visit the Dining Service Office to have a photo taken and their Knox ID card issued at that time. A personal card account provides faculty and staff a convenient way to make purchases using flex dollars at all dining venues, or the Campus Store-all without carrying cash. Faculty and staff taking classes while employed at Knox will retain the primary status of "Faculty/Staff" designation on the card and will not be reassigned as "Student".

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards
Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the Dining Services Office:

Dining Services Office
309-341-7243 or 309-341-7705
Seymour Hall, South Entrance
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Once a card has been reported lost or stolen, the card will be deactivated until it is found or replaced. Deactivation prevents fraudulent activity on the account in the event the card was stolen. If a lost or stolen card is found prior to having a replacement card printed, the card must be physically brought to the Dining Service Office for reactivation.

Temporary Meal Passes
A Temporary Meal Pass will be issued to students who have temporarily misplaced their ID card. Temporary meal passes are issued to students desiring additional time to locate their ID card. Students must be currently enrolled in a meal-plan. Temporary meal passes are limited to three meals per term, either consecutively or separately. Temporary meal passes do not allow students to make dining dollar or flex dollar purchases.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards
Lost, stolen or damaged cards may be replaced at the Dining Services Office during normal business hours. The fee to replace a lost or damaged card is $15.00. For students the replacement fee is charged to your Knox student account. For faculty and staff the replacement fee may be paid by debit/credit only. Dining dollars may not be used for replacements. If a replacement card has been printed and issued, the initial card will be invalid, even if it is found. Fees are non-refundable.

Protect and Care of an ID Card
To prevent damage to the card:

  • Do NOT expose your card to excessive heat or direct sunlight.
  • Do NOT bend, fold, or punch holes in your card.
  • Do NOT expose your card to a magnet or electronics.
  • Do NOT place the magnetic stripe on the card against the magnetic stripe on another card as damage to both cards may occur.
  • Avoid scratches to the magnetic stripe.

Campus Card Services

Knox College

Printed on Saturday, June 15, 2024