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Corporate & Foundation Relations

Old MainThe Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations seeks external funding to support the mission and priorities of Knox College.

The responsibilities of the Office include:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with grant-makers and private donors;
  • Preparing and submitting proposals to private, corporate, and government grantors;
  • Overseeing the general administration of external funds awarded through formal grants or private gifts;
  • Reporting on the use of funds to grantors and donors; and
  • Aiding faculty and/or staff in finding external support for research and programmatic purposes.

You are encouraged to contact the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations for any and all of the following reasons:

  • For assistance in identifying potential funding sources for your research or programmatic initiatives;
  • For assistance in preparing and submitting formal proposals;
  • For assistance in administering such restricted funds as: awards, scholarships, library funds, speaker funds, research funds and other departmental or programmatic funds;
  • For assistance in reporting on the use of grant or donor funds; and
  • For answers to questions regarding any aspect of external funding.

One caveat: in most cases, grants are made to the institution, even if they are intended to support an individual’s research or project, and in some cases there are limits to the number of proposals that can be submitted by an institution. For this reason, any proposal for funding MUST come through the office prior to submission. Please contact the Office no later than TWO WEEKS (preferably earlier) prior to submission deadline -- regardless of where you are in the process. This is the best way to assure that your proposal is complete and competitive.

Corporate & Foundation Relations