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YouTube Guidelines


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Remember that as YouTube is a social media site, Knox's social media guidelines apply here in addition to these guidelines.

Basic Uploading Guidelines

Make sure that the video you plan to upload is good quality. If you have any text in the video, please make sure there are NO mistakes in the grammar, spelling, etc.

Give your video a short, concise title that explains what the video contains.

Put the video in the most accurate YouTube video category (usually Education or Athletics will suffice).

Be sure to include a short description in the video, noting what is happening in the video, along with where and when.


Tag your video with search terms that will allow your video to be easily found and also draw in audiences.

Don't put quotes around the tags. If you make one of the tags "Knox College" that means if someone searches Knox without College, your video won't show up.

Be sure to always include the following tags: Knox College  liberal arts  education  midwest  Galesburg Illinois

Try to include tags that will help people find the video without knowing the specific terms. For example, someone looking for Flunk Day videos who only remembers it as a party at Knox may search "Knox" "party" "students" and "tradition." These are all fitting tags that you could include.

Organization: Playlists

Once you have uploaded the video, be sure to put it into one of the playlists on the channel, based on the content of the video. These are the current playlists on the Knox YouTube channel:

  • Knox Traditions -- Videos of Pumphandle, Flunk Day, and other campus traditions.
  • Academics and Opportunities -- Videos regarding courses, professors, and student projects.
  • Life on Campus -- Videos of extracurriculars, clubs, workshops, and general campus events.
  • Knox Alumni -- Videos of interviews with alumni, Alumni Achievement Awards, and class videos.
  • 175th Anniversary -- Videos from events related to Knox's 175th anniversary and the installment of President Teresa Amott.
  • Commencement -- Videos of Commencement addresses, speeches at graduation, and anything else related to graduation.
  • Homecoming -- Videos from annual homecomings and reunions.
  • Knox Presidents -- Speeches and interviews with current and past presidents of the College.
  • Highlights of Knox -- Contains a few videos taken from the other playlists to create an overview of the videos. Functions as "Best of Knox" playlist. Generally should be reviewed/updated annually.

You can add a single video to multiple playlists, if you feel a video belongs in more than one of these playlists.

For further help with using YouTube, consult their help page.

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Printed on Monday, December 10, 2018