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Naming Your Profile

Be sure to include Knox College in the name of your profile. Show your pride! Remember that for Facebook fan pages, you cannot change the username once you select it. Also be sure to be transparent about your relationship with Knox Collegeit's required by the Federal Trade Commission. Start creating your Facebook page.

Deciding Between a Group or Fan Page

Facebook offers the option of forming a group or a fan page. Usually fan pages are more accommodating for networking a large group of people from an entity outside of a personal account. Fan pages are public and can be found via search engines. Groups are better for more personal interactions, and they have more privacy levels than fan pages.

The following chart details more of the differences between fan pages and groups.

Available Feature Fan Page Group
Create distinct URLs Yes No
Accessible in search engines like Google Yes No
Viewer statistics for administrator Yes No
Has features for discussions and forums Yes Yes
Cross-promote on other fan pages Yes Yes
Create events and invitations Yes Yes
Connect to Twitter or blog feeds Yes No
Visible to unregistered people Yes No
Fans may comment and "like" Yes Yes
Send out bulk messages to members' inboxes No Yes
Information posted on wall appears on fans' walls Yes No

Making Posts

It's important to make sure you're willing to make the time commitment to maintain your profile once you've created it. Updating and posting every day or several times a week is considered normal in social media. Your posts can be as simple as short text updates. However, be sure to take advantage of all the different types of posts these sites support. You can post videos, photos, links to articles, polls, and events in addition to text. Be creative with your posts as well. By asking questions to your audience you encourage your online community to be an active one. View more ideas on what to post or watch a webinar on content ideas.

Using Discretion

You are responsible for ensuring that your posts are accurate and respectful. The content of your posts reflect upon the entire Knox community. Be sure to respect copyrighted materials and the confidentiality of others. If you realize after making a post that it contains an error, openly acknowledge the error and correct your post. Everything you post online can be archived for years to come, so make sure to use discretion.

As we are an institution of learning, it is important to use proper grammar and spelling. It is more professional and aesthetically pleasing to all. Posts that are not text based (such as photos and videos) should be posted with the same discretion and professional tone.

Monitoring Comments

Your goal with posting is not only to convey and share information but also to promote discussion within your online community. You must also monitorpreferably dailythe content in which others post to your profile. Be sure to reply to comments. This is what makes these sites "social."

Remove comments that contain spam, advertising, disrespectful remarks, inaccurate information, or inappropriate language and content. However, you should respond to negative comments that are constructive; this will ensure that the commenter feels recognized in his/her opinions, and that others feel comfortable knowing that the opinions expressed on the site are varied and not excessively censored.

Please contact the Communications Office if you have a question about seriously inappropriate content, or refer to this commonly used comment/response guide developed by the Air Force.

Banner Images—Keep Your Page Looking Great!

Be sure to keep your profile and banner image looking great as they are the first things people will see on your page.

Use a photo of high quality and clear resolution that looks normal in the set dimensions. Banner images are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. To prevent distortion, you can either edit the photo in Photoshop to meet the dimensions or move the photo within the "frame" using the click and drag feature in Facebook. Try testing different photos before settling on one to make sure you are happy with how it looks.

Change your banner image at least on a monthly basis, preferably more, to show that your page is active and vibrant. If you still use a picture of the snow-covered campus during July, it will look like the page hasn't been updated in months and that the page is inactive.

Photo Albums

To keep your profile sleek and easy to navigate, be sure to organize your photos into albums so they can be stored together with other similar photos. For example, if you have various photos from Commencement, you can put all the photos together and name the album "Commencement 2013." Learn more about uploading photos and creating new albums.


You can also add events to your page to keep your audience updated. Events allow you to provide an easy link to a page with details like the time, place, and nature of the gathering. This page also allows people to indicate whether they plan to attend, ask questions about the event, and make comments on the event. Read more about creating and editing events.

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Printed on Monday, October 22, 2018