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Publications & Graphic Design


Office of Communications

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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The Court House Tower.

The Office of Communications prepares the College’s primary marketing materials, as well as a variety of other needs from t-shirts to posters to pens. Our goal is to provide comprehensive publications services, from concept development to final print production.

How We Work

We mean it when we say it is never too early to contact us about a project! Please set up an intake meeting as early in the planning process as possible. We will work with your idea to identify the audience you want to reach, establish communication objectives, and prepare an appropriate project plan. Don't forget those five questions to ask yourself before you contact us.

How We Can Help

Our experience allows usor other talented folks we knowto assist you with all aspects of the production process, from planning to copywriting, photography, layout and design, to work with vendors.

Since not all publications are alike, the time needed to produce them also varies. Please allow adequate time for all phases of production: research, copy writing, layout and design, photography or image creation, proofing, and printing. A simple, one-color flyer may be completed in two weeks; a full-color brochure may take several months from concept through delivery. Keep these timelines in mind as you think about your project:

  • Small jobs (posters, simple invitations, 1-page event program): 14-21 working days
  • Medium jobs (brochures, newsletters, postcards): 25-38 working days
  • Large jobs (mailers, booklets, folders): 40-60 working days

How You Can Help

Working closely with the publications staffwe love to brainstormto establish objectives, responsibilities, and timelines will ensure that everyone involved in the project has a shared understanding of its intended purpose and use and it . We do ask you to keep a few things in mind before you begin your project:

  • We strongly recommend that any project that will require the service of an outside print vendor be coordinated with the publications staff. We have established relationships with local, regional, and national vendors and can work with you on pricing, troubleshooting, and other issues that will ensure a quality product.
  • Publications to market Knox programs must be consistent with the general College messaging and branding, factually and grammatically accurate, and consistent with the graphic design and writing style standards of Knox College.

Request a Project

When you are ready use our request a project form to get started.

College Policy on Sustainability in Print Production

Being sustainable means carefully planning projects to minimize the environmental impact of print and production. It also means determining whether a printed product is indeed the best method for delivering the intended message. Materials printed on behalf of Knox College will be printed using sustainable practices and papers.*Sustainable practices include:

  • Using recycled or sustainably sourced papers, preferably Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • Using soy inks for materials printed by a commercial printer
  • Proper sizing of printed products to minimize trim waste
  • Proper determining of print run size
  • Avoiding special dies, foil stamping, laminates, and embossing that increase energy use and/or reduce the recyclability of waste.

For on-campus printing, sustainable practices also include:

  • Using recycled papers that include at least 25% post-consumer waste
  • Avoiding large swaths of heavy ink or toner coverage
  • Using the Xerox laser printers, rather than ink-jet printers when possible

*The Office of Communications maintains relationships with FSC certified commercial printers, and printers who are familiar with sustainable practices.

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Printed on Sunday, April 21, 2024