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Office of Communications

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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We are a team of award-winning professionals and student employees with marketing and communications experience both in higher education and beyond. We love Knox, we love what we do, and we like to have fun, too!

Megan Scott


Fax: 309-341-7718

Megan Scott '96

Vice President for Communications

I oversee communications, from digital to print and everything in between, for Knox and serve as editor of Knox Magazine. What that really means is that I work with a talented team of folks to produce an array of communications, from the Knox website to the Admission viewbook to campus banners to business cards and more. I graduated from Knox in 1996, and worked in academic publishing before returning to my alma mater. Who knew that returning to Knox would give me the chance to interview then Illinois Senator Barack Obama, meet Stephen Colbert and Ed Helms, and serve as a temporary member of the White House Press Corps!

Colleen Culbertson


Colleen Culbertson

Administrative Assistant (a/k/a Air Traffic Controller)

In 1991, I came to Knox as the secretary in the Public Relations Office. Over the years, the name of the office has changed, co-workers have come and gone, and hundreds of students have worked in the office. Working with students keeps me on top of current events. (And, today, one of our former student workers is at the helm of the office!) If you need to talk to someone in Communications and don't know who...give me a call...I'll be happy to send you in the right direction!

Peter Bailley


Peter Bailley '74

Associate Director Media Relations

Writer, photographer, biker, philosopher . . . #KnoxProud alum ('74 & '90), parent ('04 & '08), employee (since '85).

Pam Chozen


Pam Chozen

Associate Director of Communications

I write marketing copy and serve as assistant editor of Knox Magazine. I am a fan of statistically improbable phrases, the serial comma, and lists with precisely three items.

Adriana Colindres


Adriana Colindres

College Writer/Editor

My main work involves writing articles about the cool people at Knox and the things they do, along with managing several of the College's social media accounts -- primarily Facebook and Twitter. One of the best parts of my job is collaborating with our office's student workers who write articles and social media posts. The articles we write appear on various Knox outlets, including the website and Knox Magazine.

Before joining Knox in 2010, I worked as a journalist for many years and spent much of that time covering Illinois state government for a chain of daily newspapers.

Ethan I. Crow


Ethan I. Crow

Digital Media Specialist

I design web content that runs the gamut from newsletters and news stories to student profiles and department pages. I was drawn to Knox by the voice of the college, and I'm humbled to work alongside the people who create and curate everything Knox, every day. When I'm not behind a desk, I like to split my time between getting lost in the SMC, stealing Hershey's candies from the jar when Colleen isn't looking, and writing petitions to strike the series finale of How I Met Your Mother from cultural memory.

Brea Cunningham


Brea Cunningham

Visual Media Coordinator

I’m one of those perpetual life learners who enjoys the ever-changing trends in digital media (which is why I now have a B.A. in telecommunications and an M.S. in cinema production). My job varies on the daily, from producing video and photo content to managing Knox’s presence on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. I have a knack for teaching and love working with and developing my Video Corps team. My personal statement regarding video production is to maintain a balance between creativity and purpose to create inspiration pieces—and working at Knox gives me the opportunity to do this nearly every day. If you see me around campus, stop and say hi and pose for a photo. I’d love to hear your story too.

Becky Hale


Becky Hale

Director of Creative Services

As a member of the communications team, I design and manage the production of print communications for a variety of audiences to advance the messages and brand identity of the College. Since joining the Knox staff in 1997, I have worked on many interesting projects-the most memorable being a fireproof diploma for honorary degree recipient Stephen Colbert in 2006. I'm a lifelong local resident, having grown up on the dairy farm across from Green Oaks, Knox's 700-acre biological field station in rural Knox County.

Ami Jontz


Ami Jontz

Communications Designer

I have close to 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, working at Knox since 2000. I like the variety of projects that working at a college offers. I mean, who wouldn't love starting their day designing a magazine layout and ending it by helping piece together a new display for the athletic building?! Even though I'm a creative type, I'm a computer geek at heart and find it very rewarding when I can figure out solutions to technical problems with software and layouts. (I do have to admit that Google is my best friend.)

I consider myself lucky that I get to work with a group of such fun and creative people.

Cheri Siebken


Cheri Siebken

Director of Digital Communications

I create web content and e-mails that tell the Knox story, from introducing prospective students to our academic programs to keeping alumni updated on what's happening at their alma mater. I've been at Knox for a bit over a decade and have seen so many of our students (including my son) go on to do amazing things. It makes me very proud of the work we do.

James C. Stevens, Jr.


James C. Stevens, Jr.

Director of Web Initiatives

I develop the College's primary web assets and integrations with other digital communications partners. It is great working with a team who has made it a priority to push the boundaries of current technologies. Having re-developed the College website twice now, it is always fun to see where we are headed next.

And our amazing team of student workers!

Student workers in the Office of Communications

Knox College

Printed on Sunday, July 22, 2018