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Email Signature Policy


Office of Communications

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Consistent email signatures across all departments and programs help to ensure that all email on behalf of Knox College meets professional standards, represents the quality of our work and the College's business, and provides relevant information to support business processes. It is the policy of Knox College that all individuals with email who choose to use a signature follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Keep it simple: Don't get overly complex when formatting your e-mail signature and keep the number of lines to a minimum.
  • Images and logos: Except for the Knox College logo, use of images (other logos or social media icons) within the email signature is not recommended. Images can come across as attachments and add to the complexities of downloading an email for the recipient. It is also important to note that many email clients and mobile devices block the appearance of logos and images. To use a College logo in your signature, please use the email signature template (see below).
  • Web addresses: The inclusion of the Knox College web address ( is recommended for all College email signatures. A second web address specific to a department or program can be added to the signature.
  • Social media links: The inclusion of social media links is recommended when they promote important College communication channels, such as the Knox College or Prairie Fire Athletics Facebook page or the College's LinkedIn page. No more than two links should be listed. Refrain from the inclusion of personal social media links in professional or business email.
  • Quotes: The use of personal or favorite quotes or epigraphs in an email signature is inappropriate in a professional setting and should not be used in any communications on behalf of the College.
  • Taglines: Some departments may have taglines or other slogans that may be necessary for promotional purposes of the College (e.g. Knox College: One of 40 Colleges that Change Lives); these slogans must be cleared through the Office of Communications.

To add or change your email signature, follow these steps:

  1. Starting from your Knox College email inbox, find the Settings page by clicking on the Cog Wheel on the top right side of your Inbox.
  2. Once there scroll down to the Signature box. You can now copy the signature style of your choice (see below) and paste it into the Signature box.
  3. Make changes to the name, title, and phone numbers as needed.
  4. If you need help adding a signature to your email, please contact Information Technology Services at or calling extension 7700.

Additional Email Guidelines

Body Font: With the advent of smartphones and tablets, individuals are reading email on a variety of devices, all with different screen sizes. To ensure that email is readable on all devices, it is recommended that individuals use Sans Serif body fonts (Arial, Verdana) set to Google's Normal size (no smaller than 10 point font).

Google Photos: Google email allows individuals to associate personal photographs to your email account that are viewable by all message recipients. Professional photography or standard head shots are encouraged on all professional email accounts and/or communications.

Sample Signatures

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Printed on Sunday, July 14, 2024