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Tianna Cervantez

Director of the Center for Intercultural Life

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Support Programs-Financial, Academic and Social

Student Center Houses

The Center for Intercultural Life (CIL) maintains several special Center Houses for multicultural students. The houses offer meeting spaces for organizations and sponsor programs for the campus. Center houses are safe spaces for all students on campus to hold events, relax, and learn about the culture of the house that they are in. Every house has it's own mission and purpose on campus. Some of the houses are connected to specific student groups with a common goal of educating the campus about their respective culture, gaining leadership skills, and opening their doors to the general public. These houses are not exclusive to their cultures, they are for the enjoyment and learning experience of every Knox student. Every center house promotes the idea of inclusivity and diversity, getting everyone involved and allowing them to be engulfed by the histories that are within each house.

Some of the center houses have been on the campus for a number of years while others are more recent constructions on campus. They represent the values of the college and continue to progress and expand every year. For a list of the cultural center houses on campus and some of their specific actions and duties click here.  

For information about the cultural centers in conjunction with housing click here.

Student Organizations

Students at Knox College can join many student-run organizations to broaden their academic and social horizons. Involvement within these groups go beyond just being apart of the group, the students are challenged to bring controversial conversations, events that are useful and educational to campus, and they are charged with the overall production and introduction of their culture to the student body. These groups are the heart and soul of the diversity that is on campus, Knox College could not fulfill it's promise and desire to be diverse and inclusive without student involvement and extraordinary effort in bringing these group to life on campus. These organizations are a great opportunity to not only learn but to gain useful skills in the future, from basic leadership skills to interpersonal skills of dialogues around difficult topics. Some of the groups of particular interest to multicultural students are:

Religious Groups 

The Center for Intercultural Life provides information for students of color that is worth exploring. If there are any questions, updates, or thoughts about what could be offered for students on campus through the center, feel free to contact Tianna Cervantez. She is willing to listen to what students want to see the CIL doing for them. On the left side of the page there are linked pages to resources for students of color to use and explore. The Multicultural Student Resources page is a link for all students of color (international included) and it is has a list of programs, scholarships, clubs and organizations, and other resources for the students of color. This is an active resource for students who want to know what can they do on campus to get involved and to gain new experiences.

These links are to be great resources for the growing diverse population on the campus and if there are any problems, concerns, or ideas stop by the CIL or email Tianna. This Center is for the student body to use, in any way that the student body wants to contribute to its progression and adaptability they have the freedom to voice their opinion.

Additional Programs On Campus

Multicultural students can access several programs established to meet their needs and support their academic resources.

  • Ronald E. Mc Nair Fellowship Program 
    Designed to increase participation in graduate-level education by students whose parents did not complete college, who are of low-income backgrounds or who are members of other groups that traditionally have been underrepresented in higher education. 
    More information: Jon Crider, 309- 341- 7226
  • TRIO Achievement Program 
    The TRIO Achievement Program at Knox College provides eligible students individualized support and comprehensive programming to promote academic success, personal growth, and a meaningful sense of community. More information: Risa Lopez, 309-341-7776

In Town and Around the World

There are some resources outside of classroom that can be used to understand not only what is happening in the city of Galesburg but also worldwide. There is a NAACP chapter that is in the city and they are an active diverse group that tries to create opportunities for businesses, high school to elementary school students, Knox students, and any other group that resides in the city a chance to stand up against oppression, fight for equality, and gain financial stability. The NAACP is always looking to support Knox students as well as getting new student members to support their organization and cause.  For more information about what they do in town, visit their Twitter page.

The organization, Association for Black Cultural Centers (ABCC), is another resource for students of color read up on some of the issues that are happening around other campuses as well as see members of the group promote their ABCC Conference which happens every year. Fred Hord, a faculty member and Co-Founder of the conference is another resource for students to use when wanted to find out more information on ABCC. When getting involved on campus, this site is not only about the Black cultural centers but Latino, Asian, and Native American cultural centers as well. Visit the ABCC site to learn more.

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