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Making Study Abroad More Affordable

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Remember: Knox merit and need-based aid travels with you on all approved programs (tuition remitted students should meet with Financial Aid Office personnel to understand how Knox policy regarding remitted tuition and study abroad works in their case).  Most students will pay Knox tuition and your chosen program's fees (review your chosen program - every program is a bit different in what is covered in terms of room and sometimes board, etc.).  Credits earned and percentage of financial aid vary by term or semester, as you will see clearly outlined in materials in the online application form ( The organization Affordable College offers a resource page, the Study Abroad Guide, with a comparative cost-of-living chart for locations around the world and a valuable set of links to scholarship opportunities.

To make your choice of program as affordable as possible, consider the following:

  1. Choose a year-long program, a trimester program*, or a winter/spring (spring semester) program. These are the most affordable options for Knox students. Fall semester programs are usually the most costly option for Knox students (but keep in mind that many programs offer travel stipends or scholarships that offset the fall semester costs - don't let 'sticker shock' stop you without investigating what the program offers and what national scholarship programs are available).
  2. Choose a program that includes meals in its program fees, or includes many other costs such as travel study, field trips, and so on. Some programs charge less in program fees than Knox does for room and board.
  3. If possible, choose a country in which the currency is weak against the dollar. This means your money will go futher once exchanged for local currency (the dollar has considerable buying power in these cases).
  4. Pell Grant recipients with strong academic records should apply for the IIE Gilman Scholarship for study abroad. The Gilman Scholarship is intended to assist underrepresented students who wish to study abroad (first generation, underrepresented ethnic groups, students with disabilities and STEM majors).
  5. IIE Boren Scholarships are intended for academically strong students who intend to study a 'critical-need' language' - another fine option, depending on your choice of program and career aspirations.
  6. Knox students are often eligible for scholarships and financial aid from our program provider partners! Almost all third-party program providers offer financial awards for needy and/or academically strong students and for specific thematic foci of study and/or locations. Check on the program websites for scholarship opportunities. CIEE, DIS, FIE, IES, ISA, SEA Semester, SFS, SIT and more provide significant financial awards for eligible students admitted into their programs. Several of these program providers match PELL grants and/or offer scholarships to students who apply for the Gilman, whether or not the Gilman is awarded.
  7. Review the scholarship opportunities below - and apply if you are eligible!

Athletes Abroad Scholarship (FEA)

Blakemore Foundation: Grants for the Study of East and Southeast Asian Languages

Bridging Scholarship for Study Abroad in Japan

U.S.-Japan Council Toshizo Watenabe Endowed Scholarship (for up to a year of study in Japan)

Boren Scholarship

Critical Languages Scholarship (summer language intensive program)

Diversity Abroad Scholarship

Foundation for Global Scholars

IIE Freeman Asia Scholarships for study in East or Southeast Asia

IIE Travel Grants (for US students) and Other Funding Resources

Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)

Garden Club of America Scholarships (areas: medicinal and tropical botany, native bird habitats, conservation and ecological restoration, desert studies, coastal wetlands, and pollinator studies)

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Go Overseas Scholarships Scholarships

Rainbow Scholarship (FEA)

STA Travel Scholarship (FEA)

Scholar Trips

Travel Scholarships with UVolunteer

Intern and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Essay Contest

Fund for International Service Learning - Scholarships Scholarship Opportunities Overview

*Trimester Options for Knox Students


  • Knox College - Barcelona
  • Knox College - Besancon
  • Knox College - Buenos Aires
  • Flensburg University - Germany
  • ACM Costa Rica (Fall semester with trimester credits/billing)
  • ACM Shanghai (Fall semester with trimester credits/billing)
  • ACM India (Fall semester with trimester credits/billing)
  • ACM Chicago Program (Fall semester with trimester credits/billing)
  • Carleton - Berlin: German and European Studies
  • IES Berlin - International Affairs and Security Studies
  • ISA - University of Reading, England
  • ISA - Prague, Czech Republic (Charles University)
  • ISA - Meknes, Morocco
  • DeMontfort University, Leister, England
  • FIE London Quarter (with or without internship extension into December)
  • College Year in Athens (CYA)
  • SEA Semester programs


  • Knox College - Barcelona
  • Knox College - Besancon
  • ACM Florence
  • ACM India
  • ACM London
  • IES - direct-enrollment option in London at the Courtauld Institute of Art
  • ISA University of Reading, England
  • FIE London program
  • SEA Semester programs


  • Knox College - Barcelona
  • Knox College - Besancon
  • ACM Chicago Program
  • ACM Costa Rica
  • FIE London 
  • SEA Semester programs

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