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Job Search Guidelines

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Narrowing Your Search

The more defined your career goals, the easier your job search will be. The "I'll take anything" approach does not work with employers. They do not have the time or the interest to counsel you about the field in which you should consider working. It is best to approach an employer with a very clear career objective. An example of this would be, "I am interested in working as a social worker in the long-term care industry" or "I hope to obtain employment as a trainer with a software engineering firm."

In order to become very clear in this regard, it is important to research positions and companies before deciding on a particular field. This insight may be gained by reading professional or trade publications, participating in internships, engaging in informational interviews, and talking with persons currently employed in a field.

Tips on Networking

Networking is by far the most effective means for gaining employment. Potential networking contacts should include family and friends, alumni contacts, professors, and professional organizations.

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Printed on Saturday, September 30, 2023