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A student rides her bike across the Knox College campus.

Salvik Trinity

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Muskego, Wisconsin

Academic Area of Interest: 
Political Science

On-Campus Involvements: 
Knox Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Winds, Union Board

Why Did You Pick Your Major?: 
I chose Political Science because I want to create social and political change that will improve the lives of oppressed/minority groups as well as general society.

What Occupation Did You Want When You Were Little?: 
Fashion Designer.

#1 Tip for Students Using the Center for Career Success: 
Make sure your resume is both informative and aesthetic so it catches the eye of employers.

Sprite or Sierra Mist?: 

Your Favorite Event with the Center for Career Success?: 
Coffee and Careers.

Place You Have Been that You Would Love to Go Back To?: 
Lima, Peru.

Favorite Resource We Provide Students With: 

Favorite Class You Have Taken at Knox: 
JOUR 222-Media and Politics.

Last Movie or TV Show You Watched: 
The Last of Us.

One Place Within Walking Distance of Knox that You Would Recommend a New Student Visit: 
The Landmark Cafe.

Pizza or Pancakes?: 

Favorite Sport or Sports Team:
Football, but only because it has marching band/other halftime shows

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Printed on Friday, February 23, 2024