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Abdullah Ashal Pal

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts


Academic Area of Interest: 
Data Science

On-Campus Involvements: 
International Club, Badminton Club, Water Polo Club, Audio-Visual On-Campus Job

Nickname and How You Got It:
Polly since I was referred to as 'Pal' by all my friends and for some reason people started calling me 'Polly' because polly actually means "parrot"? So, whenever someone calls me Polly, I can tell them that I am a talkative bird with colorful feathers!

Why Did You Pick Your Major?: 
Well, if you're a fan of puzzles, data science is like solving a giant puzzle with millions of pieces, but instead of making a picture, I am discovering valuable insights and patterns hidden within the data. Plus, I can get to call myself a data detective!

What Occupation Did You Want When You Were Little?: 
Doctor because both my parents were doctors and I thought it would be cool to maintain the legacy.

#1 Tip for Students Using the Center for Career Success: 
Unlock your career potential and make your dreams take flight with the Center for Career Success! Plus if you need a job when you graduate, associate yourself with the people who can help you get one.

Sprite or Sierra Mist?: 

Your Favorite Event with the Center for Career Success?: 
The bubble tea, pizza, and conversations about Career Paths.

Place You Have Been that You Would Love to Go Back To?: 
Puerto Rico, I went for there for this spring break and it felt like heaven. I wish I could go back again :( .

Favorite Resource We Provide Students With: 

Favorite Class You Have Taken at Knox: 
BUS 280-Business and Society.

Last Movie or TV Show You Watched: 
House of Dragons.

One Place Within Walking Distance of Knox that You Would Recommend a New Student Visit: 

Pizza or Pancakes?: 

Favorite Sport or Sports Team: 
Pakistan's Cricket Team.

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Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024