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Anokhi Molligoda

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Academic Area of Interest: 
Biochemistry Major, Economics and Health Studies Double Minor

On-Campus Involvements: 
Knox College Choir, Student Senate, Health Services Peer Educator, International Club, aaina

Why Did You Pick Your Major?: 
Biochemistry, because I am interested in genetics and chemistry in context of living organisms. 

What Occupation Did You Want When You Were Little?: 
A singer.

#1 Tip for Students Using the Center for Career Success: 
Drop by the Career Center whenever you have a few minutes to spare in between classes so you can get to know the PCLs and staff and be motivated to work more consistently on your career exploration!

Sprite or Sierra Mist?: 

Your Favorite Event with the Center for Career Success?: 
Gateway2Galesburg, Community Fair.

Place You Have Been that You Would Love to Go Back To?: 
Nice, France.

Favorite Resource We Provide Students With: 

Favorite Class You Have Taken at Knox: 
MUS 145-Music Theory I.

Last Movie or TV Show You Watched: 
River Monsters.

One Place Within Walking Distance of Knox that You Would Recommend a New Student Visit: 

Pizza or Pancakes?: 

Favorite Sport or Sports Team: 

Knox College

Printed on Thursday, April 25, 2024