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How Knox Guardian Works


Office of Campus Safety

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



Purple pens given to campus visitors

Knox Guardian's primary function is aimed at preventing dangerous situations by helping individuals check in with friends, family, Campus Safety, or others and, when necessary, connecting individuals directly to Campus Safety or other first responders with the touch of a button.

Download the Rave Guardian App from the Google Play or iTunes stores.

With the Knox Guardian app, you can:

Set up a Safety Timer

Set up a safety timerWith the Safety Timer, your status and location are available to those you trust. Set it up when you are heading somewhere unfamiliar, meeting with someone you don't know, or any other time you would like someone to check in with you. Your Guardians will be notified if your timer expires. Remember to deactivate it when you are safe.

Run your Safety Timer

Running your safety timerDuring an active Safety Timer session, you can update your location and status to your Guardians so they can check in on you. Your Guardians will be notified if your timer expires. Remember to deactivate the timer when you are safe.

Connect with your Guardians

Connecting with your guardiansYour Guardians look out for you, and you look out for them. Add and message Guardians just like you do with your Contacts. You can easily communicate directly or via group messaging with those you trust -- including the ability to send photos.

Guard Someone Else

Guarding someone elseJust like you can invite someone to check in with you, you can return the favor. When one of your Guardians sets up their own Safety Timer, you will be able to see their time, location, status, and also call or text them right away if their Safety Timer expires.

Emergency Communication

  • Emergency CommunicationCall Campus Safety: If you are in trouble on campus, you can easily call Campus Safety.
  • Send a Tip: Send a text tip -- including photos -- to Campus Safety if you see something suspicious.
  • 9-1-1 Emergency: Make an emergency 9-1-1 call to the Galesburg Police Department.

The Safety Strip

The Safety StripThis tool ensures that Rave Guardian's functions are always readily available no matter where you are in the app. Just tap or pull up the shield icon, and you can navigate between your Safety Timer, Guardians, and Emergencies fluidly without having to go back all the time.

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Printed on Monday, October 22, 2018