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In the event that a circumstance may be known to exist regarding all Clery related criminal activity which may pose a potential, on-going criminal threat to the Knox community, the Campus Safety Department may issue "timely warning" alerts to inform members of such criminal activity or events that take place on, or in some cases, near the campus.

The Knox College Campus Safety Department will normally create and issue the campus wide message utilizing the campus e-mail alert network. Updates regarding criminal events will normally utilize the campus wide e-mail notification network but may also involve other distribution methods.

As an example, the Campus Safety Department may distribute the Timely Warning alerts on the Knox College website, postings in residential halls, academic buildings, mailbox stuffings, and/or requesting the telecommunications department to leave voice mail messages on the College telephone network.

The use of the Knox College Campus Alert system, which has the capability to issue multiple voice, text, e-mail notifications, simultaneously, to land-line and cellular telephones and e-mail accounts, has generally been limited to emergency notifications.

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Printed on Monday, September 26, 2016

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