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Accounts Payable


Business Office

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Accounts Payable are processed every two weeks. Invoices are required in the Business Office by 10:00 a.m. on the Monday of the week checks are printed in order to receive a check on Friday. All invoices and miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses must be approved with the assigned budget manager's signature, College account number and the purchase order number. Please contact the Purchasing Department to learn more about the purchase order process or review the Purchasing Guidelines for details on the Purchasing and A/P process.

Travel, Entertainment, and Business-Related Expenses

The Knox College Policy on Travel, Entertainment, and Business Related Expenses (PDF)

Travel Advances Guidelines and Requirements

When absolutely necessary, cash advances for the estimated cost of a College business-related trip are available. Advances will be disbursed no more than 30 days before expenses are anticipated to be incurred. A request for a travel advance should be received by the Business Office no later than 14 days business days prior to the start of the trip. Employees should be aware of the Business Office accounts payable cycle and make a travel advance request well ahead of the accounts payable cycle occurring prior to start of the trip. Please check with the Business Office if you are uncertain about the timing of your travel advance request.

A cash advance for travel must be reconciled within 30 days after the last day of trip. Unused cash from the advance should be returned to the Business Office immediately upon return. No new advances will be given until the previous advance has been reconciled using the College's expense reporting system. Failure to reconcile and or return any unused case advance may result in a deduction from the employee's Knox College payroll in the amount of the entire advance, or will be added to the employee's taxable income per IRS requirements.

Travel Expenses

Reimbursements for travel can be obtained by completing a Travel Expense Envelope. These envelopes are available in the Business Office, Room 106 Old Main, or can be mailed to you upon request. Note that it is necessary to include detailed receipts for expenses. If a travel advance was received prior to travel, complete the appropriate section of the Travel Expense Envelope. Travel Expense Envelopes should be completed within 30 days of travel. When completed, please forward to the Business Office, Campus Box 147, for processing.

Special Payments to Individuals

Examples of special payments to individuals, including non-Knox employees, are: honoraria, stipends, fees to sports officials and awards to prize winners. In order to make payment to these individuals, it is necessary to complete a Check Requisition Form (PDF). The Check Requisition Form should contain the name and address of the person(s) to be paid, expense account to be charged and authorized approval signatures. In addition to the Check Requisition Form, a Federal Form W-9 (PDF) must be completed and signed by the person to be paid. The W-9 form must be on file in the Business Office before the check will be released.


At times, a Knox College employee may find it necessary to purchase an item for College use with out-of-pocket funds. In such cases, approved expenses will be reimbursed according to the College's policies and procedures. (Refer to pg. 1, paragraph 3 of the purchasing manual). To receive a reimbursement, please complete an RPO.

This form should include your name, expense account to be charged, items purchased (along with detailed receipts), and include authorized signatures. Forms containing only the requestor's signature will not be processed.

Wells Fargo Corporate Card Expense Report Receipts

For Credit Card Purchases and Out of Pocket Expense Reimbursements

Some individuals on campus are given a Wells Fargo Corporate Card for purchases made for the College. The purpose of the Wells Fargo Corporate Card Program is to streamline and simplify the requisitioning, purchasing, and payment process for small dollar transactions. The program is designed to shorten the approval process and reduce the paperwork of procurement procedures such as purchase orders, petty cash, check requests, and expense reimbursements. The goal of the program is to:

  • Reduce the cost of processing small dollar purchases
  • Receive faster delivery of required merchandise
  • Simplify the payment process
  • Provide cardholders with empowerment to choose!

We have prepared a Policy and Procedures Guide (PDF) for any questions you may have. Program administrators in the Knox College Business Office are Melody Diehl, Allyson Curry, or Lisa Steinbach.

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Printed on Friday, December 8, 2023